Routing Zendesk Talk calls to multiple agents at the same time


  • Adam Gerson

    As many people have said this is a deal breaker for us. We will be moving to another solution. 

  • Daniel Love

    deal breaker for me. I can't believe this isn't a feature. It seems as with most of Zendesk products the most basic customisation options are not available. 

  • Jonathan Kam

    Have you ever try other tools that have an integration on Zendesk to receive calls ? It was deal breaker for us too until we found SnapCall (maybe there is others ...). We’re using it for inbound calls and it works pretty well. When we receive a call, it is routing to all our Zendesk agents available at the same time. When we installed the solution, this feature was not available directly from the dashboard but if you contact their support they do it instantly.

  • Zeb Stiles

    This was also a dealbreaker for our team.  I really like Zendesk and we have been using for something like 6 years now.  We can't move to Talk without the option to ring multiple agents at the same time.

  • Flavio Lira

    Just found out about the lack of this absolutely basic feature. Such a disappointment.


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