Sort Views on Multiple Fields


  • Patrick Harland-Lee

    Would love this enhancement as well!

  • Daniel Journo


  • Ken Jordan

    We would also love this feature.

  • Robert Dennis

    It can only help

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi all -

    Could you share some additional details about your workflows, how significant the business impact is, any current workarounds you use, etc? For additional guidance, see How to write an effective feedback post

    These details help product teams better understand what challenges they're solving for.

  • Patrick Harland-Lee

    One of our workflows is that our support team does four types of work:

    1. Triage new/unassigned tickets
    2. Work through the 'quick wins' queue
    3. Work on AutoCAD tasks
    4. Work on Support BAU tickets

    Because we have such a large backlog, it's important that we work on our tasks in order of importance AND urgency. We therefore prioritise our work based on these fields, in order;

    1. Due Date
    2. Priority (Urgent > High > Normal > Low)
    3. Quick win
    4. Status  (New > Open)
    5. Group (AutoCAD > Support)
    6. Requested Date (do oldest tickets first)

    At the moment, the best we can do is have separate views for each group (AutoCAD and Support) as well as one for Quick Wins and another for Unassigned Tickets, group each one by Priority, then sort them by Due Date.

    Our two biggest problems is that we can't sort by Requested Date after Due Date, and even if we could, when you sort by a Date custom field, it will show blank dates first, before the soonest date. This means that the most import ticket in each view is never at the top like it should be. We have to tell every agent to manually ignore every ticket that doesn't have a Due Date until they're all that's left (which is never the case because we get so many new tickets).

    The business impact is large and twofold; it's not easy for agents to prioritise which ticket to do next, and clients are often left wondering why their important tickets are sometimes getting done after their less-important ones.


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