Trigger Conditions: Sender email address


  • Alexander Kunz

    I have a temp solution for those using Gsuite.  For group email addresses, you can add a prefix enclosed in brackets.  For example:   email is, add a prefix [sales-team]. 

    The prefix will be passed over in the subject line and you can build a trigger for the specific string used in the prefix.

    Then build any necessary views for those distribution groups.

    You may be able to do the same thing for other email providers or alternative options such as adding a header/footer string.

  • Krystian Dąbrowski

    I'd like to describe my use case too. At first, I want my users to be able to write support requests without registering accounts on Zendesk. That means, I have them all as unverified users and cannot benefit from the "organization" auto assignment feature.

    My goal is to setup two different SLA policies:
    - for regular customers, 
    - for VIP customers (based on e-mail domains, because they can contact us directly or using support form). 

    Usually the VIP customers are big companies and we do not know all of the employees that can contact us. The licenses are floating so we are not able to register and verify all potential users.

    I like Zendesk's modularity and it seems to be well designed, but I am wondering why I cannot create trigger based on a requester's e-mail condition? Having that I could use all great puzzles to achieve my goal, e.g. using tags.

    As other's said using 3rd party software to achieve and maintain it in at least two different places is not doable (eventually). 

    Hope to hear anyone commenting on this. I'm on trial and don't know what to do now...

  • Megan Lalock

    I am chiming in with my 2 cents. I am super surprised that this is not standard functionality where we can make triggers based on an email. Besides making an organization ( which you would need to update frequently depending on the number of different emails you get from the same palce) I could only think of adding a trigger to make this happen. Regardless, this functionality should exist already. How do we get this on someone's radar?

  • Megan Lalock

    I ran into this same issue today when I was trying to create a trigger based on a customer's email address. I am truly surprised at some of the things that Zendesk doesn't support when much smaller competitors do. 

    The only work around I can see is adding a tag to the email of the creater user account and making a trigger that way but it's extra steps that aren't truly needed.

  • Conza

    No idea why "email" IS "X" does not work. 

    What I have done - given we have light agents... 



    e.g. send email to Tier 2 (VIP Alert)

  • Sylvie

    We need it too, weird that it isn't already planned.


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