Is it possible?


  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Jason! You should be able to get this report without any extra custom metrics. 

    I recommend using the basic Time Tracking metric (the first metric in your post) on its own. That finds the total time spent in minutes. You could also get an average time per ticket or per update, using the recipes in this article.

    Once you have that metric, go to FILTERS and add two "List of Values" filters. In the first, choose "Ticket Type is Training." For the second, choose "Communication or Training is Training."

    This should show you the standard time tracking results, but only for tickets with the "Training" value in both fields. That will be much easier than trying to pack everything into one metric.

    Happy reporting!

  • Jason Allman
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    Hello Amy,

    Thanks so much for your help. I do not believe this is possible.

    Using the Average time per update, that's only telling me the average time an update has been made to a ticket where ticket type of Training and where Communication & Training = Training.

    It still is not telling me the time that was logged against the ticket when it = that criteria.

  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Jason!

    I think I understand now. It sounds like your tickets move between different values in these fields, and you only want to capture handle time while those fields are set a certain way. Is that correct?

    If so, that would be extremely difficult at best. There isn't a good way to find the value of a custom field at the time of any given update. (There are historic attributes for the system fields, but not custom ones.)

    You can report on how long those values were set, based on when the fields change. (Check out this recipe for reporting on the duration of a text field.) That doesn't work well to filter other metrics, though.

    I wish I had an easy answer for you. In this case, you may need to find a different approach in your workflow or reports to capture this information.


    I hope this helps you try some new things. Happy reporting!


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