Add article tags to Help Center Instant Search (autocomplete search) suggested articles


  • Liam
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    Ditto, it would be helpful to have a more "well-rounded" search as opposed to just a title-only search.


  • Jono Hey
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    I agree this would be really helpful.

    We do the same thing, looking for synonyms and adding them as labels to articles to help them appear in search, but as they don't seem to affect what shows up in the instant search our customers might naturally stop there assuming we don't have an article for them unless they see a title match. If they submit the search the articles show up, but people may have already given up by that point assuming we have nothing for them.

    For example:

    Instant search for 'app':


    Submitted search for app:

  • Andreas Lärkfeldt
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    This is really important for us as well - linked article:

  • Stephen Belleau
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    +1 - an effective search is absolutely critical to a knowledge-centered support org. We shouldn't have to develop a custom type-ahead search to achieve this, it should just be smarter out-of-box.


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