Add article tags to Help Center Instant Search (autocomplete search) suggested articles


  • Liam

    Ditto, it would be helpful to have a more "well-rounded" search as opposed to just a title-only search.


  • Jono Hey

    I agree this would be really helpful.

    We do the same thing, looking for synonyms and adding them as labels to articles to help them appear in search, but as they don't seem to affect what shows up in the instant search our customers might naturally stop there assuming we don't have an article for them unless they see a title match. If they submit the search the articles show up, but people may have already given up by that point assuming we have nothing for them.

    For example:

    Instant search for 'app':


    Submitted search for app:

  • Andreas Lärkfeldt

    This is really important for us as well - linked article:

  • Stephen Belleau

    +1 - an effective search is absolutely critical to a knowledge-centered support org. We shouldn't have to develop a custom type-ahead search to achieve this, it should just be smarter out-of-box.

  • Henri LARGET

    I think this could be easily solved if the Instant search used the Article suggestion search. 

    I don't understand what is the point in having 3 different kind of searches, this is highly confusing both for agents and end-users.

    I made several tests in our Guide, and the Instant search is completely irrelevant (except if the person searches exactly our title, in this case they do not need to use the search bar as the navigation speaks for itself), which is a shame for a knowledge base! However when I submit, the results are much more relevant, and the Article suggestion is relevant too.

    So why not have only 1 kind of search, with the ability to disable the instant search for people who want to "force" the submit ?

    Nowadays, people are really used to instant search and having to submit is counter intuitive. An effective INSTANT search is the most basic feature of a knowledge base. Everything is already coded by you, the Article Suggestion search seems BOTH relevant and instant, everything we ask for! But we apparently cannot use it from the home page or any other pages... 

    Please consider making it available everywhere.

  • Paul

    Please allow us to use Article Suggestion search in any search field on the page, or just add labels, and content to the instant search results.

    It is frustrating that the instant search results are limited only to titles, in this way most users do not find what they are looking for and the help center loses all efficiency.


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