How do I check which ticket fields are in use?



  • Becca
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Daniel - 

    Interesting question here! Unfortunately, there is not really a good method to do what you're hoping for item 1 or 2 within the agent interface or Insights beyond auditing your ticket forms manually. We do not have ticket form and field analysis and useage tools at this time. I do think this is a great idea for a product enhancement though! 

    You can however accomplish the opposite and determine which fields are in use by a ticket form and use the process of eliminate to get closer to the information you're hoping for. Using our API ticket forms endpoint and sideloading ticket fields you can get a list of active fields used in each ticket form which the field name sideloaded in the request:

    This will return the following json of the field used on a ticket form: 

    It will also return the ticket field id you can then use to determine the field name: 

    If you have developer resources or know-how, writing a script to query and parse this data would likely also help get you to your goal more efficiently. 


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