'Follow' the ticket



  • Helder

    @andrew : Did you find a way to list the tickets that an agent is following?

  • Nicole

    Hi I am considering turning on the following feature but not sure of all of the user functionality. Can someone point me in the correct place.  For example, if an agent wants to follow a task, is there a way to see this in a view?  The old way would be to do a search on cc:me but we could not add that in a view.

  • Helder

    We requested the same to ZD a few months ago :(
    Still no way for an agent to create a View that lists all the ticket that the agent is following.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Nicole and Helder - 

    We're closing this thread for comments since the feature originally requested has been rolled out. Please provide additional feedback on the feature in a new post, or ask questions in the Support Q&A topic. Thanks!


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