Assign web widget ticket by currently viewed page.


  • Jacob J Christensen - Cloudhuset A/S
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    Hi Yhkim,

    That is totally possible.

    You can create triggers for each scenario. Here's an example of a trigger that assigns to a group (could be an agent if you want) based on the web page it was submitted from:


    Ticket is.. Created

    Channel: Web widget

    Ticket: Comment text... Contains the following string [insert-link]


    Ticket group: [name-of-group-to-assign-to]

    I assume your url's contain some predictable structure like:


    Hope that's helpful.

  • Yhkim
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    Hi, Jacob. Please help me more.


    I checked your guide and find that,

    When customer open tickets from widget, this method works.

    However, when a customer open tickets through not web widget but web form, this method doesn't work.


    The ticket generated from web form doesn't contain URL...

    Could you please give me more workaround? 

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    HI Yhkim,

    You're right I was only focusing on the Web Widget scenario you mentioned, but you might want to assign webform tickets to a specific group or agent also.

    A few ideas come to mind.

    • You could have a category (custom) field on the webform and have tickets assign based on the selection the requester makes.
      Example: If someone submits a ticket and select Sales from the custom field, a trigger could auto-assign it to a sales group or agent. Another trigger would be necessary for each other option you would like to automagically assign by category. 

    • You could assign tickets based on what organization they are part of - like you also mentioned here.

    A thing to keep in mind is not to have these triggers overlap, so that one trigger assigns a ticket based on category and another assigns based on organization for the same ticket. 

    Let me know what you would like to do with webform requests and I can be more specific.

  • Yhkim
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    Thanks Jacob. I understand which ways are possible.


    I've checked the way you give me that category field on the webform.

    I'm now talking with Nils(Community Moderator) about it.


    However, it doesn't work until now..



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