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    Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    We are excited to announce that scheduled publishing is now available in Guide Enterprise!

    Read the full announcement here: Scheduled Publishing in Zendesk Guide

    And documentation on how to use it here: Scheduling articles for publishing


    Your feedback here had a direct impact on this feature. Thank you for your feedback, and for helping to make Zendesk's products better. 

    If you have feedback on this functionality, please create a new post in the Guide Product Feedback topic. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Andrea - 

    I was just going through to clean up some things and noticed that there's already a thread on this topic. Could you share your feedback and vote over there so we can keep the conversation in one place? Then I can archive your post (it'll still be visible to Product Managers, but not in the public forum). Thanks!




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