For registered people, auto-fill their details


  • Dan Cooper
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    We tie the customer organization to the user profile so there isn't a need for it to be entered.  You could do the same with custom user fields.  If you are okay not collecting the data every time, these could work for you.  If the customer needs to review (maybe a shipping address needs to be confirmed) you might be able to pull something together from the API.

  • Mike Cartwright
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    Hey, Keith.

    We had the same issue before where we manually entered requester information even when they already have existing tickets. This caused a lot of duplicate tickets in our system, which we manually had to review by the end of each week.

    We're currently using Tenfold as our customer information warehouse where all information including ones from Zendesk can be accessed in a unified view. Every time we need to input requester information, Tenfold auto populates the details so we no longer have to manually input the information. This also works with customers contacting us over the phone, through live chat, and SMS.


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