Average response rate to CSAT survey


  • Jacob J Christensen - Cloudhuset A/S
    Community Moderator

    Very interesting Matt! I agree with your quality-response rate correlation hypothesis.

    We are currently at the worst csat score in history - major implementation is upsetting many things. Only three months ago we had one of the best csat scores ever. So I'll post both below.

    The worst of times...

    The best of times...

    The numbers above are from the Insights > Insights (read only) > Satisfaction tab.

    I'm unsure how the chat channel is figured into the response rate - I assume that every chat counts as a survey sent since rating is available during and after the chat experience.

    Hope others will chime in also, this is interesting.

  • Rob Seib

    Hi Matt, averaged over the past couple of years our support team has had a 18.2% response rate and 97.3% satisfaction score. 

  • Ranjith Claessens | SendCloud

    Hi Matt,

    Very interesting to read. I'm curious how you achieved suck a high response rate since we only managed a mere 5%.
    We tried different configurations for asking but it doesn't seem to improve our satisfaction rating. 

    Could you provide more feedback on how you achieved this?


  • Vijayendra

    Waking up this thread as I am curious to know what Zendesk's current and ideal Satisfaction survey rate is and what should my target be?

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Vijayendra,

    Thanks for reaching out! I have a few resources below: 

    I hope this helps provide some insight into other industry standards so you can set your target! 


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