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    Hi Nina

    There are several ways of adding a tag. You can either add it with a macro or via a checkbox on the ticket. Both can add the tag. Then you need to edit the automation to look for and not run if this tag is present.

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  • Jessica Hopcraft



    Creating a tag can be done in different ways; you can simply type the new tag into the text box in your ticket whenever you want it to apply, or you can add this to the automation (as below) before you start entering this into tickets.

    I actually use a similar workflow, as some tickets I solve do not require a satisfaction survey. Therefore, I've added an action to the existing satisfaction survey automation, asking it to ignore tickets that contain this certain tag.


    The tag I chose is called 'duplicate', but this can be anything you want. When you come across a ticket that you don't want the satisfaction automation sent to, you can simply enter the tag or create a macro that inserts the tag for you.


    If there are a certain group of tickets you want to add the tag to, this can be done via a trigger, too. Let me know if you need any help on how to do that!


    Hope that works for you :)




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    Hey Jess! Welcome to the Community, and thanks for the great answer!

    Fabulous name, too. ;)


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