Trigger on Custom Field Value Change


  • James

    @ Paul - This would be a great feature for trigger conditions.  Simply adding the condition option for "changed", "changed to", "changed from" etc etc to custom ticket fields in the same manner many of system fields (i.e. Ticket: Status, Ticket: Type) would be a huge benefit. 

    Any thoughts from ZenDesk on this one?  Is there an existing feature request that is similar to this already in queue?

  • Richard Mann

    Could really use this also.  A trigger based on a custom field (in our case a checkbox) getting unchecked is needed.

  • Pauline Raballand

    I would really like to have this feature too !

  • Paul Davis

    It's unfortunate that we have yet to hear from Zendesk on this one...

  • PAblo

    Need this in my life....

  • Ian

    I needed this too but I found a way around it. We were going to use a checkbox to escalate tickets to a different system through emails. The idea was that the first time a checkbox was checked, the email would be sent. Of course, every time the ticket was saved, the email was sent.


    To get around this, we created a dropdown with "Escalation Required", "No Escalation Required" and "Escalation Complete" as the options. The trigger would look to see if the field was "Escalation Required", then send the email and update the field to "Escalation Complete". That way, the trigger would only fire once (unless an agent set it back to "Escalation Required")


    Hope that helps someone else too.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for offering that solution, Ian. 

    @Paul, changes such as these have not been prioritized on the development road map at this point in time. 

  • PAblo

    We also found a "workaround" by adding a tag to the ticket when the trigger fires then checking that the tag is not present on the ticket on each other time trigger raised.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing, Pablo. 

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Unfortunately we can't control this with tags, like Pablo recommended. There are multiple hidden admin-level fields we use, and whose corresponding field tags are often deleted by agents.

    Having change-detection conditions (like the Status field) would even allow us to add a target. This woul enable us admins to fix the situation by adding back the values, by leaving an internal note to remind agents to avoid deleting ticket tags, etc.

  • Alfredo Navarro

    Hello, we also have a use case for this and it is really hard for us to identify when specific custom fields are changing. In theory within a single ticket you can create an app to react on that, however this is not a solution when doing bulk updates of tickets: triggers react, app framework listeners do not (even on background).

    It could be great to have this feature and not only limited to drop-downs, basically:

    - Non drop-down fields, condition is field value changed or field value not changed

    - Drop-down fields, as described in one of the comments, basically all possible options like, field value changed, field value not changed, field value changed from, field value changed to, etc. Summarising, the same options like we get for Status.

    This functionality will bring another level in flexibility when defining rules, specially if you have a lot of custom fields with important information that is driving business processes.

    I would appreciate some feedback from the product team on this topic.



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