Customize search results columns


  • Oliver Tietze

    Katrin Leinweber

    "(Un)check the columns that you want"

    How can you do that?

    Am I missing a feature? ;)

    Best regards

  • Katrin Leinweber

    Oliver Tietze: I updated item 2. of my comment to clarifiy ;-)

  • Christopher Rehn

    We desperately want this feature, it should be handled similarly to how we are able to build Views.

  • Katrin Leinweber

    Ulrich Spies & Oliver Tietze: I've updated my comment again to clarify a double-meaning that I overlooked before. If the "Columns" button isn't there now, maybe that /agent/apps/advanced-search page isn't enabled in your instance?

  • Geoffrey Gallinger

    We would like to be able to customize columns on an agent by agent basis. Our tier 2 agents have different priorities when looking through agents than tier 1, and in addition, being able to remove columns would provide some agents with lower resolution monitors would yield some additional screen economy. Is there any update to this?

  • Jeff Billark

    Assignee would be nice to have included in the search results



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