• Caroline Kello
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    Hi Josh,

    We're looking at business hours and how this can be incorporated into areas of Talk; the first one being voicemail configuration. Configuring IVRs to business hours is a use case that we've gotten feedback on and we'll be looking into this in the future but nothing confirmed yet. 



  • Nadine Wilches
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    Can I take a moment to echo this need.  One of the main reasons for our upgrade on our Talk service this month was for business hours but we are unable to utilize this to create after-hours and holiday IVR menus which defeats the purpose really.  It is critical to businesses to be clear and responsive to our customers and setting different menu options for after business hours is a strong indication that we know what they need.  It communicates to the customer that we value their time and won't make them listen to a prompt that leads them to think someone will answer or the reverse, make our daily customers listen to business hours just to avoid after-hour misconceptions.  The workarounds recommended are unfortunately outdated and limit our professionalism.  This is an important update that should not be overlooked.  

    Thank you!

  • Ryan Miller
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    Have upvoted, but just adding a comment to voice my support for this.


    We need the ability to switch to automatically switch to our after hours oncall (mobile) number.

    • I'd rather not have this as an option in an IVR (as it forces people to listen to it every time they call during business hours, and interact rather than just be routed through).
    • And I'd also rather not have to rely on manual processes for switching over, as open to failure.


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Ryan. 


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