How do you remove inline images from tickets in Support?


  • Ignacio De La Llave Lorenzo


    A similar solution to Tammy's has worked for us:

    1. Go to [yourZendeskdomain]/api/v2/tickets/[your ticket ID]/comments.json
    2. Look for your comment and find the "body" field (NOT html_body) it will have a link to the image.
    3. Copy the link there to the redaction app

    Basically the body field has the decoded url so you won't need to use the decoder.

    The issue is that the image is still there when you click on "View original email" so it is only half a solution. Upvoting this and hopefully Zendesk will add an actual solution for this.

  • JP Strom

    Redacting the comment body string linking to the inline image is a good trick, but the actual upload will still persist, correct?

    I'm trying to make an API call to delete the upload itself, based on the token refenced in the URL for the inline image, but that doesn't seem to work. Is this the wrong token to use, and if so, how can the correct token be found?

  • Tony Jansson

    I work as a customer consultant in a larger marketplace online, where we receive thousands of inquiries that go on different issues.

    It seems to many of our customers that the easiest way is to attach screenshots to document their cases. And in most cases this documentation comes in advance.

    It is also very easy for a client manager to quickly process the cases when the images are displayed directly in the case and not as an attachment.

    In many cases, the images submitted are affected for privacy reasons and must be deleted quickly. This is in line with GDPR and our country's laws.

    Zendesk as a service has been excellent to use, but it is a great Achilles heel that a program to remove images in the threads is not optimized based on the GDPR.

    This weakness removes much of the joy Zendesk originally creates. Zendesk is efficient and easy to handle in the first place, but for those of us who receive a lot of information that should be removed like this, the extra work overshadows the efficiency zendesk offers in general.

    I strongly urge you to look into opportunities to permanently remove information regarding in-line images based on the GDPR.

    Of course, we delete tickets to avoid holding on to this images when they appear, but it is incredibly sad due to effective traceability for the issues that appear. And then you have to copy an entire case in your own ticket, where you remove the old ticket afterwards. For our case, this will not be a desirable solution in the long run.

    Best Regards, 


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    You can redact inline attachments using the API, but you need to know:

    • The ticket ID
    • The comment ID
    • The inline attachment ID

    The ticket ID is straightforward, as that is just the regular ID that we use in Support. The other IDs we need to use the API to deduce.

    To find the IDs, use:

    Now look for the attachment array within this comment to find the attachment ID.

    You can now redact the in line attachment using:


    For example:


    The inline image will be replaced with a 'redacted.txt ' blank inline attachment.


  • Jackie Bohline

    Agreed with all of the above individuals having issue with this clumsy workaround. We have lenders sending us borrower SSNs.

  • Liqiong Bu

    How do I detect the inline image in the html body as <img/> and redact those?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Liqiong,

    I wasn't able to find a way to redact the <img> tag from any resources we have available. It may be possible to redact those images using the Ticket Redaction App but that wouldn't necessarily help with removing these images proactively.

    Perhaps other users can jump in here and offer up some guidance for you.

  • Michael Penland

    The Ticket Redaction App works for inline images on an ad-hoc basis.  To do it, right-click on the inline image, copy the address, and then paste it into the redaction app.





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