Feature Add request: Audit log extract


  • Christian Estefani

    Why has this request/suggestion been ignored for a year? :0

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Christian -

    We receive several hundred new product feedback requests in this forum each month, and can't respond to each and every one individually. Requests with active, detailed conversation and a high number of votes are the ones we prioritize to engage with. Those with low conversation and votes are deemed to be one-off requests or not needed by a significant number of users, and are therefore lower on the priority list of things for us to consider.

    Please tell us more about your use case: what the problem you're trying to solve is, how frequently it arises, what impact it has on your business, and what the ideal outcome. We'll be interested to hear whether there are other users with similar needs as well.

    Thanks for participating in Product Feedback!

  • Grant Youngman

    We have an Assurance requirement to monitor Zendesk sign in and sign out times, an extract of the audit log seems to be one way to assist with this. A simple Export to CSV or Excel will suffice.  Please build this functionality, if not already available.


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Grant,

    Our audit logs do capture when agents log in, but not when they log out (which is less reliable of an indicator since agents will often forget to log out and be logged out automatically at a later time by Zendesk). It is possible to export the log file to CSV when you access it from the Admin Center: Viewing the audit log in Admin Center

    If you want to capture agent logout times, there are some workforce management tools that integrate with Zendesk:
    Agyle Time WFM from Playvox
    Tymeshift Workforce Management


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