[Web Widget]: zE.hide "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'resetState' of undefined"


  • Joseph May

    Hi Andreas-

    Thanks for writing in. Our widget updates automatically (and should always be up to date), as we are only able to support our most recent version. I see you have opened an issue on the repo as well, which would be my next best suggestion. I have subscribed to that thread and will be following along there as well.


    Joey May

  • Mathew Cropper

    Hey. I moved this conversation over to Questions & Answers :)

  • Andreas Kohn

    Hi Joseph,

    I did file an issue there so I don't forget about the issue here - I'm actually the developer of that component. As such the outcome on that ticket so far is "no way to debug, no way to prevent, no way to identify affected versions".

    Maybe the initial post was slightly misunderstandable: I wanted to file a bug report for the zendesk widget, and to offer my help in tracking down the issue, as it might well be related to the way the widget is used in this case.




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