Populating or authenticating user on new ticket


  • Keith @ Zendesk

    An option for you is to pass through the values of the URL when you direct the User to your Zendesk account.  For instance when the User goes from Website > Zendesk request/new page, send them in with some information on the end of the URL:


    The next step would be to have some JS in Zendesk that would identify the values passed over in the URL and use those to populate Fields within the request/new page.

    So, 'https://domain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new' is the normal URL for the page that users can use to make a new ticket. The `?email_address=myemail@email.com&ticket_subject=subject` is just extra information in the URL that shouldn’t affect it. But it’s important to have there in this use-case, because you can create some code in your HC to grab that and plug it in to fields.


    This would all be custom work that we don't support at Zendesk, but it will work if you have the time to make the script.

    Hope that helps!


  • Iris Corenevsky

    Wait, if an end-user is signed in and clicks to submit a ticket, ZD doesn't automatically populate the name and email field? We have to create an unsupported workaround for this? Seems ridiculous and not very user-friendly.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Iris Corenevsky,

    As the base product stands, Zendesk Support does not auto-populate ticket fields such as name or email. The best way would be to create custom javascript to populate a custom ticket form when a customer is logged in.  That would mean no anonymous ticket submission, and any ticket created via email would not auto-populate. We also have a Zendesk AMA event next week at 10am CST on March 11th, where we will be covering Ticket Fields if you'd like to submit a question.

    Zendesk Developer Support API: Ticket Fields

    Zendesk Ticket Fields AMA

    Best regards. 

  • Michael Guastamacchio

    Hi Devan - Community Manager,

    Have there been any updates on this issue? The problem we experience is manually authenticating an end-user when they submit a support ticket. For privacy reasons we need to ensure we are communicating with an authorized end-user.

    If we include the "Submit a request" form within our website available to end-users who are logged in, is there a way to auto-populate their email address?

    End-users often submit support tickets from email addresses other than the one associated with their paid membership. Please advise if this is available within our ZenDesk account settings, via SSO for end-users and/or via your API. It would be a huge time saver.

    Thanks in advance,



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