Allow Multiple Group Routing when IVR Menu is Setup


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    Rohan Gupta
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    We have a super exciting news for you! 

    IVR Group Routing is now in EAP (Early Access Program).

    IVR Group Routing: Configure multiple overflow groups when routing a call via IVR.

    This functionality is available to Zendesk Talk Professional and Enterprise customers. If you are one of those we invite you to signup for the EAP program.

    Here is the signup form.

    Here is the forum topic for further details.

    Best Regards

    Zendesk Talk Product Team

  • David Andrews
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    Is there any update on this? This is a pretty basic but much-needed function. In looking at the settings, I have not seen a way to do so yet.

  • Stuart Warren
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    Just wondering if this feature has been developed yet

  • Mie Dohn
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    Any news here? I know that the overflow has been activated but I'm not interested in that, I'm interested in being able to route to several groups. Just as if I had not had the IVR switch on. 

  • Ashley Huebert
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    I too am curious if this type of functionality will come. It would be super useful.


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