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    Guy Dee
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    Hi Oren!

    For end-users who belong to multiple organizations, there is an option on the Help Center for the end-user to select the appropriate organization when submitting or updating their ticket. When a ticket is created through any other channel, like email, the ticket is always placed in the requester's default organization.

    If a ticket belongs in a different organization than the requester's default, either the end-user can change the organization when viewing the ticket on the Help Center, or an agent can change the organization by editing the ticket. However, it's not natively possible to change the organization automatically; the change must be made manually. I apologize for any inconvenience!

    As a general best practice, I'd recommend making the organization in which the majority of the requester's tickets belong their default organization. If a user frequently needs to create tickets for different organizations, I'd recommend asking them to do so from the Help Center where they can select the appropriate organization when creating the ticket.

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