Floating time ranges


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Michael! Welcome to the Community!

    I'm going to check with some of the Insights gurus among our Community Moderators to see if anyone knows how you might accomplish this! Stand by.

  • Fernando Duarte

    If I understand this correctly, I would create 3 generic 7,30,90 metrics

    • select # Tickets where Date (Ticket Created) > (select round(this-7))
    • select # Tickets where Date (Ticket Created) > (select round(this-30))
    • select # Tickets where Date (Ticket Created) > (select round(this-90))

    Then filter for:

    Day of Week (Sun-Sat) (Ticket Created) is Sat 

  • Michael

    It looks like that give me "# tickets created on a Saturday that falls within the range of the 30 days before today"

    I'd be looking for "# tickets created within the range of 30 days before (any given Saturday)", that I could pull for, say, the last 10 Saturdays 

    Would that even be possible though, because of how an attribute cuts the data?

    The 7 day numbers is easy, since those don't over lap, its just the weekly number.
    But for 30 days, each data point would overlap 23 days worth of tickets with the previous data point.

    I'm not sure how to do that unless each data point is its own custom metric.

  • James Sanford

    Hey Michael!

    Since the metrics that are being recommended here are designed to provide this information dynamically based on the current date I may consider a new report build for looking at this from previous date perspectives.  

    If I may offer a suggestion here though, what I would recommend as an option with this report is setting up a scheduled email for this report to go out after the last data sync that would include the data you need for that previous 7 day timeframe.

    This method doesn't have much freedom for reviewing your previous data but it would allow you to review that previous 7 day timeframe for any specific week moving forward by pulling up the report that was generated each week.

  • Michael

    Hi James,
    I think that may be helpful, thank you!


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