Reducing the time delay between decline/unanswered call and next available agent.


  • Neil Weldon

    Hi Timothy, 

    We have something in our plans for this and have something at the moment in an Alpha stage. I see you have a ticket related to this. I'll followup with you in the ticket


  • Patrick Harland-Lee

    I'd love to be able to get something on this as well, willing to test Alpha products!

  • Jeremy Watkin

    As a BPO we have a number of clients whose SLA is to answer 80% of calls in 30 seconds or less. When ring time is hard set to 30 seconds per agent it leaves us little room for error if we want to get to those calls on time. We'd like the ability to set the time to be less than 30 seconds.

  • Tilly Martin

    Being able to amend this to less than 30 seconds would be a great addition. 

  • Chris Tout

    Any news on this Neil?


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