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  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Yahor! This type of report should be possible. It does use custom metrics, but the metrics are fairly straightforward.

    If you haven't built a metric before (or just want a refresher), check out our article on creating custom metrics in Insights. Your new metrics should look something like this:

    • Shift 1 Tickets: SELECT IFNULL((SELECT # Tickets WHERE Hour Ticket Created IN (01234567)),0)
    • Shift 2 Tickets: SELECT IFNULL((SELECT # Tickets WHERE Hour Ticket Created IN (89101112)),0)

    These metrics should count the number of tickets created in each set of hours. The SELECT IFNULL((...),0) portion means that the metrics will return a 0 if no tickets were created in that shift. Without the IFNULL, the metrics would just be null, which makes the rest of the report difficult.

    If you want to see a percentage, you can use these metrics in new metrics:

    • % Shift 1 Tickets: SELECT Shift 1 Tickets# Tickets 
    • % Shift 2 Tickets: SELECT Shift 2 Tickets# Tickets 

    You can display your results as a percentage by adding a "%" to the metric format box.

    Please note - you can't just copy and past in the metric editor. You'll need to select the bold-faced items from the Elements picklist on the right:

    • # Tickets is under Metrics
    • Shift 1 Tickets and Shift 2 Tickets will appear under Metrics after you create them
    • Hour Ticket Created is under Attributes
    • 0123, etc. are under Attribute ValuesHour Ticket Created

    After you create your metrics, you'll finally be ready to build your report:

    • Under WHAT, choose your new % Shift 1 Tickets% Shift 2 Tickets, etc custom metrics
    • Under HOW, choose Date (Ticket Created)
    • Under FILTER, add a "List of Values" and choose a range for Date (Ticket Created)

    This should find the total number of tickets created each day, then show the percentage that were created in each shift.

    This is a basic starting point for this type of report. I can't guarantee it for all use cases, so you may need to fine tune it for your workflow. I'm providing this here to give you a better idea of how all the pieces fit together.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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