Customising Help Centre "submit request" page


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Jonathan - 

    I'm going to move your post over to Q&A for greater visibility. 

  • Jonathan Ho

    Thanks Nicole. Barking up the wrong tree posting in the wrong place...

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    No worries! We're working on how we can make our topics and navigation more clear. but here's the jist: 

    - The Lounge: non-technical conversations, best practices, general information

    - Q&A: technical and support related questions

    - Tips & Tricks: User published tips 

    - Discussions & Highlights: Zendesk-led discussions (Fine Tuning & Zendesk on Zendesk) 

    - Product Feedback: problem statements and use cases 

    The rest is pretty self-explanatory. But in general, you'll usually want to post to Q&A. Hope that helps!


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