Export list of tickets in order of first response time/first solution time?



  • Dennis Lynn
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Getting all of this in one report may be a bit of a challenge, so you may need to break this up in to a couple reports if you want all of this in a CSV file. Additionally, reporting on time that has elapsed while in certain statuses is very difficult without building metrics to calculate this for you. For an idea of what I mean, you can check out this article on reporting on first reply time for events in Insights:

    Insights recipe: First reply time by event

    I have a couple ideas which may help you avoid this! For your first report If you want a CSV including just tickets that are currently open with no first response, you could simply create a report using the below configuration. This report can then be sorted in ascending or descending order for ticket creation date - which should then give you tickets that have not yet received a reply in order from oldest ticket to newest. 

    What: # Tickets Created

    How: Date ticket created, Ticket ID

    Filter: (Numeric range filter) Ticket ID<attribute> where # Replies<metric> is less than 1

    As far as getting the time a ticket has spent solely in an open or on-hold status is concerned, our default metrics may not be capable of giving you this sort of detail. You could look at using automations to add tags or modify ticket fields for tickets based on thresholds you choose (using conditions like hours since requester updated, or hours since open, or something like that), then use that attribute (tag or custom field) in your Insights report.

    Alternatively, you could set and define SLAs allowing you to define response thresholds based on Priority (extra credit!). SLAs, and your team's performance against them, can be reported on more easily and might get you what you're looking for! This guide talks about how you can build metrics for your specific desired SLAs:

    Insights recipe: Reviewing SLA performance in Insights

    Using SLAs may be the answer to basically all of your reporting needs, and reporting on SLA performance is far less complicated than attempting to build out your own metrics to calculate event-based data.  

    Good luck, and happy reporting!


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