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  • Jon Daniels
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Thanks for posting, Shelly!

    I would like to clarify the request a bit, since we were speaking earlier regarding this.

    We were thinking it would be advantageous for new tickets created by agents and end-users to be cached in a similar way to comments on existing tickets.

    The idea being, if the user creating the ticket had to close the window, or lost their session for another reason, they could log back in and see the not-quite-created ticket in a sort of draft form.

    Thanks again for sharing this feedback, I agree that this would be a handy feature!

  • Sylvestre SEGURON

    Indeed, I just created a large ticket and did not save it because not finished and not ready for sending, and I forgot to when I closed my browser. Very painful!!

    Why are they not cached as Jon says ??

  • Rouwhorst, O.T. (Oscar)

    Hi all,

    I agree that "Save as draft" would help our agents to support them in the drafting process of tickets they may want to finish and send out at a later stage.

    Thank you.


  • Jamie Noell

    Ditto - we have some lengthy forms, some of which require supporting documentation as an attachment.  If the requester is not quite ready to finalize the attachment, we would like to give the requester of saving the info typed in so far.


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