Change Reply-To Email Address for one support email



  • Ryan
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Amy,

    Unfortunately at this time, we don't have a way to change the reply-to within an email. The only thing you could do would be to add the new email as a separate support address and make it your default, which would then be used on any new tickets, as described in this article:

    What support address are email replies sent from?

    Using the Select an address app listed in the above article would be the only thing you could use to change incoming emails to use another address unfortunately.

    As a workaround, you could create a trigger to send out a notice of the new email, using the condition "Ticket:Received at" to specify the old domain you are trying to deprecate.

    Apologies for not having a better solution! I recommend leaving a note in our product feedback forums for our developers to check out. They monitor them frequently.

    Here is a link to that:

    Be sure to include a use case, your reasoning, and as many examples or "why's" possible to help our developers see a need and understand the importance.



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