How can I change report time-zone



  • Jenni


    That time zone for data attributes and filters will match whatever time zone is set as your account time zone under the localization settings! In order to change that time zone, you would just need to go to your Admin tool (the gear icon) and then under "Settings" go to "Account," and then the "Localization" tab. From there, you'll see the option to change the time zone. Whatever is set there will be reflected in Insights data attributes.

    Feel free to let me know any questions you have about this! 

  • Lê Như Thi


    My company has many branches in many countries and can't I adjust time zone for data attributes and filters for any country. 


  • Jenni

    Hi Lê,

    Could you tell me more about the sort of reports or report filters you're looking to set up? Unfortunately that specific time zone from your screenshot is controlled by the time zone setting for the account that I mentioned, but depending on the report you're looking to set up, there may some work around options--if you'd prefer I'm also happy to continue this discussion in a Support ticket as well! 

  • Simon Klemm

    Hi Jenni,


    this thread is super old, but I'm still interested in the workarounds.


    So our Insights is set to San Francisco time, but we work the European operations from Berlin. So we would have to add 9h on dates. 

    This is really important to run reports on daily agent productivity in different time zones. Thank you for your help!



  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I'm not aware of any workarounds to change the time zone in Insights without having the users adapt to read the report or to adjust outside of Insights. It's a pain point for our teams as well. 

    If you are able to start using Explore, I did notice that reports show up on dashboards in the time zone for your user profile. This is a huge win, and may be a reason for some teams to look into Explore.  

  • Jason Bevilacqua

    It is a major pain but yes, updating your own user time zone will then adjust the report timezones. Thankfully it works for me as I pull the data and import it elsewhere.


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