Need help to understand Answer Bot results


  • Stephen Fusco
    Zendesk team member

    Hello Mary, 

    Thanks for your question! This is covered in a bit more detail in this article: Analyzing your Answer Bot Activity I'll alter the wording of the definitions slightly to hopefully give you a better idea of what its counting in case that article was unclear: 

    Attempted refers to the number of tickets where an answer bot suggested article was included

    Resolved refers to the number of tickets where the answer bot was used to solve a customer's support request

    Click thru rate: the number of answer bot suggested articles clicked divided by the number of tickets that included an answer bot response

    Unique CTR: the percentage of tickets where an answer bot article was clicked over the total number of answer bot emails sent

    You mention that there were 2823 tickets processed by your agents but that does not mean that answer bot was able to suggest articles for each of those tickets so the difference between total tickets and answer bot attempts is not unexpected. Answer bot only suggests articles when it can find ones that match the email body or subject. 


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