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  • John

    Hey Dmitry,

    take a look here:  Connect Facebook Messenger Chatbot to Zendesk


  • Angela Meadows

    Hi - I am also wanting to integrate an existing Bot to Zendesk. Currently many of our customers have zendesk and want our Bot. The link for connect a facebook bot to messenger looks like creating a bot from scratch but I have a bot already. Also if a customer has zendesk and they want our bot to be the start of the chat and we want to hand off to a human which APIs should we be looking at?


  • James Sanford

    Hey Angela!

    The link provided by John in the comment above you is not actually a Zendesk product but rather a third party solution.

    Chat Bots do not integrate directly with Zendesk, but if you have an existing Chat Bot you can complete a handover to Zendesk Message so a live Agent can take over.  

    Setting up and using Message

    Setting up bot handover



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