Customer warning when attachment is rejected


  • Steve Mason
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    I would also like a warning sent to the customer when their attachment is rejected (based on size, or whatever).


    I don't even see any information in the ticket, so the first either the customer or myself know of an issue is when the customer asks "did you check the file I uploaded?" and I'm sat thinking "what file?"


    Expected better.

  • Byron Chen
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    Seconded, an automated notification to the customer when their attachment fails would reduce a lot of unnecessary back and forth! We also have our own work around for large files and we could include that info in the notification. 

    Please help us solve this issue!!! 

  • Joy Carletti
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    I completely agree - right now there is no messaging to the customer when they try to upload a file that is too large in Help Center.  It simply stops loading, and the page errors out, causing the customer to have to reenter all their previous information into the ticket again (without the attachment - or worse, they try to upload it again).

    Surfacing an error - "your attachment was too large" or similar - will allow the customer to contact us without the attachment, letting us offer them alternate means of upload. But no messaging makes for confusion. 

  • Thomas Anderson-Offer
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    We also experience issues as a result of this. +1


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