Knowledge Management: Help Center Notifications (not for article comments)


  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the comment @Alexandra,

    This is definitely well thought out and something we've thought a bit as well. I had question about the proper channels for these notifications. Would you expected to get notified via E-mail, ticket, Slack, in product message? Additionally, should his be a digest of notifications daily or should you get notified each time these actions happen?

    I'd like to understand where your day to day is and the best way to put these notifications in front of you. 

  • Alexandra

    Hi Ryan, I will speak about my own preference, because I'm sure you'll find lots of different opinions on this. I prefer to receive my notifications via email. If it were a ticket, that would work too because I'd still get notified via email, but with a ticket there is that expectation of needing to complete an action to be able to mark ticket as solved, and sometimes these notifications are just informational. 

    That being said, in a perfect world, I'd want to be able to choose what medium and how often. My preference would be to receive one each time there is a change but within each hour (to avoid receiving notifications every 3 minutes for each Save when someone is working on an article). But I do like "immediate" notifications. For other knowledge management systems, where there are fewer, more trusted authors, I'm sure a daily digest will be sufficient.

  • Matt Buck

    Speaking as a developer, I would also like to be able to have webhook notifications that I could enable in the same way as the Support product:

    My agency builds chatbots for our clients, and customer support is a common use case. Being able to get notified about changes to the KB would allow us to make any necessary changes that need to be reflected in the conversational UI, allowing us to keep Zendesk as the single source of truth for support.

  • Enrole Customer Support (Betsy)

    I wish we had more control over what kind of edits would trigger an alert. Just Monday, I went in to uncheck the promote boxes on 4 articles. It sent out emails to all of our clients and agents that are following that section, when it was totally unnecessary. That is when I start to get messages and emails about what is going on. 

    I have no problem with major content edits or new articles triggering an alert, but not something minor like a setting. Even if it was article management & alert settings we could control by the section and not article would be a great improvement. 

  • Stuart Buddrige

    I'm really surprised there isn't a built-in notification feature in ZD for this kind of thing - it seems so obvious to me that this is required.

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Although I think a lot of the permissions that have been added in Zendesk over the last 12 months has done a lot to address Alexandra's request, I still do wish that there was an (internal) notification when someone makes certain edits on an article. I have some contributors who I give a lot of access to because I generally trust them but in the end, they are not technical writers and I still want to review their changes. An email notification (we only use tickets for customer facing things) would be allow me to go in to do a double-check if I wanted to.

    Building on what Betsy said, I also wish we had more control around external email notifications. There are times when an article is updated and it really needs to be communicated to our customers that it has been changed. To get around this, I will sometimes add a comment to the article but ideally, I'd be able to just check a "send out email update" check box or something.

    On the flip side, I'd also like to be able to NOT send an email at times when something is published. This is especially true if we are publishing a huge amount of articles at one time and I don't want our customers to be greeted with 15-20 emails about new articles all at one time. 

  • Stassa Miller

    kinda on the same note:  Is there a way to stop notifications on articles published. For example, I need to publish past articles from Mar and April.  The information never got published but for historical purposes, I need to publish them.  I want to turn off the notification for this one-time publishing to avoid confusion.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Stassa Miller

    I haven't tested this out, but you might be able to try publishing to a user segment that doesn't include anyone first and then updating the article visibility.  It's testable, but I'm not sure if this would actually work. 

    Normally this sort of solution would be doable via the API.  However, the subscription APIs for content are limited to end users.  So you can't re-subscribe a user to content which makes sense, but is challenging when it could work in a scenario like this where an unsubscribe/resubscribe could "disable" the notification for an update period. 

    As someone that subscribes to a lot of topics/sections on this help center, I think this is a challenge for Zendesk as well, and with the release of Gather and the continued development of Guide - this feels like a feature that would make sense to build out to further enrich the Knowledge products Zendesk provides. 

  • Stassa Miller

    Thanks.Dan Cooper   I appreciate the response


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