Zendesk Talk: Call Group Fail-over



  • Bradley Ladwig
    Zendesk team member

    Hi James!

    As it turns out, the workflow you described is a feature available with group routing called "default group" but not currently possible with the IVR. An IVR selection can only route to a single group and there is not current ability to add a default group to the IVR selection. It sounds like a great feature so I'd recommend posting a feature request in our product feedback forum.  

    Each customer can have their own workflow when it comes to handling overflow phone calls so I don't know if there is a "normal" workflow.  That being said, a common way to handle Zendesk Talk with regional or global teams when using the IVR is to have the calls go to voicemail if the wait time is exceeded.  This way you can use triggers to set a priority and perhaps route the tickets so that the voicemail tickets will be answered first.  

    With current functionality, the main option to account for high volume is manual monitoring.  I'd recommend having an admin monitor the calls holding via the Talk dashboard and then request additional agents if needed.


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