Community Discussion: How do you use Views?


  • CJ Johnson

    I would love to have an ability to view issues where the requester has more than 1 open ticket. I don't want to set up a view per requester, but literally just see a queue of any requester with more than one issue. Would help tremendously with dupes! 

  • Ryan Cloutier
    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    I use it to check on my team. This includes appropriate updates, seeing how many tickets each agent has, seeing various issues they are working on, checking SLA, and due dates.

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    As an agent I usually just view my tickets or use the search to find tickets

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?

    We standardize so everybody has the same view. Therefore, we’ve only created a view for each team

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    We have 9 different teams so after that we are limited to 2 category views

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    No, however if there was a way to filter when in the view this would help tremendously


  • Krystin.Blakemore

    As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    • To assign tickets by OS / Hardware / Dev Items / Project Status / Department

    As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    • To reassign tickets to different departments if needed, to see ticket statuses etc.

    How do you strategize what Views you create?

    • I currently cannot create a view that our company needs. (See below)

    What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    • Our company has varying products, varying OS, so having the ability to create views to sort these is nice.

    • We would like to be able to create views for tickets that agents are CC'd on, sometimes agents don't even see that they have been CC'd on a ticket for days or weeks. Our company has several different departments and sometimes we are CC'd on other department's tickets because our assistance will be needed at some point during the support process.

      Currently, there is not a way to create a view to display tickets we are CC'd on. It is cumbersome to have to navigate away from our Dashboard to go to User Profile, select CC'd tickets from the dropdown and look through them there. Especially when most of our workflow involves navigating through our views on the Dashboard. 

      It is also not ideal to have to bookmark the aforementioned page and add monitoring an additional tab into our workflow. OR having to remind agents to use "CC:me" in a search. While, yes, we do get emails when we are CC'd on tickets, those emails get lost in the mix with rest of the Zendesk emails we get throughout the day and again - the workflow would be improved if the view could be reached from the Dashboard.

      As for the other Zendesk Support suggestion for working around this: "have agents add a tag to the ticket when CC'ing themselves. You could then create a view based on the tag itself." This does not work for our workflow either because often times agents are not CC'ing themselves. They are CC'd by another department.

      Would be great if there was a way that you could create a View using "Ticket Assignee is Agent Name" OR "Ticket Assignee CC'd is Agent Name" 

    Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    • Not at this time.
  • Helle Buhl

    I can see that my needs for views are covered in the above comments.

    I really need to be able to setup specific views for my customers. Including the use of "custom fields".

  • Rogier Valk

    I see several comments for since 6 months now in the topic. I was wondering if there is any updates on this?

    As we all can see this is a highly sought after feature which from what I have heard from my personal colleages should not be that problematic to implement.

  • Nigel Farmer

    What would be great is if Admins could share personal views created by other users. Here is the scenario

    * We have a central admin responsible for setting up Zendesk, the workflow, intergration with our apps etc.

    * We have regional teams/groups responsible for managing tickets in their region, each with a support manager to manage the process and effectiveness of the provided support.

    * We want the regional team managers to be able to create views for their teams/groups, but we dont want to have to make them administrators as they then 1) see tickets for all the other regions/group 2) potentially break other setup/configuration.

    So the flow would be 

    1) Regional agents and/or team leaders create personal views

    2) They request that are shared to the team/group

    3) Admin shares the view with thegroup

  • Adetona Ajao

    To all of those a bit frustrated by the view limitation:

    You have a free workaround in the marketplace called Quickie. I'm gonna copypaste a comment I made two years ago about it on a now closed thread:

    "Seems to be the only free option right now if we want more than 12 views (+ suspended/deleted views) in the left hand panel. For those that don't mind fronting the bucks, it seems the same guys made another app, premium this time, called lovely Views that seems to be even more complex and give more functionality, but quickie definately works as intended out of the box."

    To clarify: I have nothing to do with the Qickie team, but until Zendesk moves this subject forward Quickie really came in handy. Once we got our agents used to using the Quickie widget we where able to make a metric ton of views (Between 20-25 views per team on average), and that helped us in a big way, it's still helping us to this day. 

    That said, would REALLY love along with everyone else to see a scrolling left panel, or at the very least a taller ceiling when it comes to views. As Business - Client interactions become more complex and varied, 12 views to cover all possible type of interaction and cases that we want our agents to focus on is a bit lacking as limits go.

    And on that same subject but on the opposite side. Anyone knows  of a way of hiding suspended/deleted tickets only to Admins? Been poking around for a while and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that one, but maybe someone in the community found a way?

  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Adetona,

    Thanks for mentioning the Marketplace apps to extend View organization, didn't know about that. 

    Regarding wanting to hide the Suspended and Deleted tickets views for some agents, I believe this can be done by editing the agent role for ticket access to anything other than all.

    Hope that helps you out!

  • Adetona Ajao

    Hey Jacob!

    Thanks for that, I had totally forgotten about it. We did look into this but figured we had to change the whole way we assign tickets to the different groups to make sure none fall through the cracks, but you're right, it is a method...


  • Steve Post

    I was asked to repost my thoughts in this thread, so here goes:

    We use Zendesk for sometimes hundreds of tickets a day from many customers. We use the "Home" inbox view most frequently, but sometimes also use custom views to manage support tickets.

    Our preferred view is this sort order of importance:

    1. Grouped by priority, descending
    2. Sort by: Latest update by requester

    This view is almost perfect for a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) workflow, but leaves two caveats:

    • When a requester replies multiple times to a conversation before an agent replies, their ticket is "updated" with each new reply and their ticket is pushed down the queue, delaying our response time.
    • When an email reply comes from someone in the ticket CC field, this isn't treated as the "requester" and the message appears unnaturally at the top of the ticket view.

    We have not found a solution so that agents can deal with all messages in their "Home" view or in a custom view such that all tickets can be handled in a FIFO manner - the two exceptions above cause problems, particularly the first when someone replies before hearing back.

    Have we missed a sorting option that would help? If not, can a new sort option be added to ensure a FIFO ticket workflow?

  • Craig Bailey

    I'd like to see a collapsible section in the right pane. For example, Our workflow views generally revolve around Organizations. When displaying a view of tickets with some criteria by Organization, there are many tickets for a single organization that takes a lot of scrolling real estate. It would be nice if you could collapse (as default) the outer criteria (in this case Organization) and have to click to get to the actual ticket list to that organization.

    [ Crude View Diagram ]


    > Organization A

    V Organization B     <- I'm clicked open!

       - Ticket 1

       - Ticket 2 

    > Organization C

    I looked at both Lovely View and Quickie, and they do provide collapsible views though in the left pane view dialog, which makes for orderly organization of views, it isn't saving the screen real estate in the right pane. I'd like it native in the actual ticket view page.

  • Janine David

    We use views to view the verbatim comments for each NPS score.

    It is unfortunate that there is a restriction in terms of available tickets in the Views (Archived tickets are removed from the Views). We'd like to check if there a way to override the archived tickets not being shown, as long as the conditions have been met. For example (date ticket created for the whole calendar year).

    This will really be helpful!!!

  • Sylvain Jette

    Heather Stewart, 

    I am working on something similar and there might be a way to reduce the number of views and it will only apply to each of the distinct users of a particular group.

    I'll let you know.


  • Shannon Anahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @Janine - can you tell me more about how often you would be using a View like this? Who on your team uses this type of View? How are they using this View - to respond directly to the NPS comments? For historical data review? Something else?  Thanks! 

  • Susan Maher

    Additional comments:

    As I work more with the product I find that

    As Administrator I need to see all views whether they are personal or shared.  Right now I only see shared and my own.

    As an Administrator I need the ability to create a view for a person that is not me.  Specially as we implement this new system. 

    As an Agent I need to have the ability to Clone shared views so I can use the basic concept and narrow the view to satisfy my personal needs without losing the basic criteria. 

    As a team leader I need to see all personal views for the people in my team.  I need to ensure they are seeing what they need and ensure uniformity.  Also to be able to help them


  • Helle Buhl

    Would be perfect - Susan Maher .

    Really good points.


  • Katarina Obradovic

    Hello Zendesk Support Team,

    Is it possible to add feature to be able to schedule views to be emailed to user e.g. weekly?



  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Katarina, If you're on Professional or higher you can take advantage of Insights report sharing feature.
    There you can create much richer reports and schedule their delivery as you please.

  • Tilly Martin

    I'd like a way to create a personal view for our agents to show all tickets they are cc'd in within the agent view as the view in the Help Centre can be a bit misleading from an Agent perspective. 



  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Tilly,

    That view should be available on their profile page in Zendesk Support:

  • Tilly Martin

    Hi Jacob, 

    Yes - but it shows the status of the ticket as it is for the customer rather than how we would view it internally, so can be confusing. 



  • Thomas Bumgardner
    • How about a legit feature request?!


      (FR) Nested views for good?



      Within this thread is the identification that a prevalent need has been exposed for the utilization of "Nested Views", or the categorization of views in a Parent/Child dynamic. This would allow the de-cluttering of the views dashboard, as well as the capability to easily identify which support roles (not the mechanically placed ones, but like "Billing - CC Issues", "Billing - Refunds") without having to create a ton of other views that eat up the view quota.


      Short example featuring bullet points! (I’ll use my experience from EVE Online/CCP

      Games as the example, as they had the most queues/categories I had ever seen

      • General Support (Level 1)

        • Gameplay

          • Advanced Gameplay
          • Market
          • Structures
          • Planetary Interaction
          • Reimbursement

        • Billing

          • Billing/Payment issues
            • Credit Cards
            • PLEX
            • Paypal
            • Other 3rd party payment portals
          • Refunds
          • Account Management
            • Account Security/Report a compromised account
          • Billing Escalation (Level 2)

        • Technical

          • Crashes
          • UI issues
            • Display errors
            • Configuration
            • Interfaces
          • Performance issues

        • Abuse (Level 3)

          • Real-life threats
          • Reports of suicidal players
          • TOS Violations
          • ISK Spammers

  • Shannon Anahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. While we've been quiet on Views product changes, we're still listening. There have been no decisions currently made with how Views will evolve with our product, but we've taken this feedback into account as we look into the future of Views. 

  • Craig Bailey

    Another View Feature Request. We recently discovered the 120 day limit on closed issues in views. Could this be made configurable at a view definition level? We have a couple views where it is vitally important to see entire history for a particular organization. I understand the performance impact, but, on selected views this invaluable information. Yeah, yeah, we have reports with Insights/GoodData, but, they're not as easy to access and interactive enough for routine use. 

  • Peter Philips

    We would love to see tags in views. If you can create views with tags as a criteria, it seems common sense to be able to view the tags as a column in the views. The product discussion around tags in views ( has been closed unfortunately, so I'm posting here. 

  • Jørgen Sivesind


    It is great to hear that you are working to improve the views.  Working for a small company, I am both the support-administrator and do work as an agent, and I basically use the "Views" view as my dashboard.  The "Home" page that first comes up when I go to Support has no value for me, but we have structured the views, so that they, in different ways, find all tickets that need attention.

    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    I regularly check on several views that help me get an overview of our ticket status, the most important is probably one listing open tickets, order by when it was last updated.

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    The first view for me and all our agents, is "Your unsolved tickets".  Here I easily see which tickets I need to respond to each day.

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?

    We tried to create a strategy and a good structure for our views when we started using ZenDesk, 3 years ago, but it turns out that many of the views we made then have not been of intereste, while our agents, as they have gotten used to ZenDesk, have gotten ideas on how to use views in a better way, so, more than half of our views have been created on demand by different groups of agents, and since views are so easy to create and configure, this works great.

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    We have not had this problem.  It turns out that I have exactly 12 views availabe, out of which 9 are in regular use.

    But I do think it is a strange limit.  I do not like to be limited in this way, escpecially since 12 is a very small number.  I think my screen can list about 30 views in the sidebar, before I would have to scroll to see the bottom ones.  If I ever reached that limit, I would think very seriously about reorganizing my views.

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?



    But as a final note, that is not adressed by these questions:  The main problem we have with views, is that we have to choose making them available to all, or just one group.  We have 7 groups in our organization, and there are several views which we would like to make available to 2 or 3 groups.  Please add the option you allready have for macros, that views can be made available to multiple groups.

  • Charlie Windlinger

    As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    • Quality control
    • Zapier
    • I'd love to have views based on non-ticket record types (e.g. Users that aren't allowed credits, Organizations enrolled in a product beta, etc.)

    As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    • Tickets assigned to me
    • Unclaimed tickets
    • Open tickets
    • CSAT break downs (e.g. Good, Bad, etc)
    • Open Problem/Bug tickets

    How do you strategize what Views you create?

    • Healthy dialogue with team leads/managers on what views are vital. We have the use case for additional views but the current restrictions require an overly refined view list. I have to regularly let users know that we can't incorporate additional views or move a particular view up in the shared list as the result of current limitations.

    What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    • We have a small team that handles a wide array of specialized functions (e.g general support, onboarding, billing/credits, account suspension, retention,etc). Each function is best served by having it's own views (unclaimed, open, etc). Because the team is small, a single agent might handle multiple functions or be required to backfill any number of functions in the event of another agent's absence (sick, vacation, etc.). This means lots of agents get put in lot's of groups which exposes them to lot's of views. 12 simply isn't enough.

    Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    • Quickie - having a full searchable list with buckets/folders is great but as other's have mentioned, view info is not as visible as would be ideal
    • Lovely Views - Contemplating this app but it's hard to justify paying extra each month considering most of the functionality within should be available out of the box with Zendesk.

    Zendesk's administrative limitations are becoming increasingly apparent and difficult to work around as my organization's business needs expand.

    • Basic product functionality (e.g. multi-group views) doesn't exist and Zendesk's platform roadmap/priorities are entirely unclear.
    • Feature enhancements that are released don't consider existing platform limitations (e.g. multi-group macro support is not useful unless you also assign agents a role that gives them "global" macro access. Restricting macro permissions to the groups the agent is in excludes all macros assigned to multiple groups)
    • The administrative interface/functionality leaves a lot to be desired
    1. Some products (Support/Guide) are enabled via roles but all others are enabled via user pane
    2. Roles/permissions are incredibly inflexible (e.g. NPS is restricted to admins only)
    3. Having a word cloud as your only insight into tag usage is not remotely helpful
    4. The home and reporting tabs should allow greater customization instead of no customization
    • Admin training is limited and relatively expensive. Salesforce's free Trailhead is a great model for providing app admins "certifications" which in turn makes them advocates for the platform

    I'm not looking to get off topic but the kind of platform limitation this thread is about add up, and they makie it increasingly difficult to advocate/justify using Zendesk instead of a solution that's more vertically integrated with our other business applications.


  • Steven

    We are a European company with views in 7 different languages. As a manager I want to see how many tickets are in which view at every time of the day without having to manually click 'more'. Why it's not possible to add more views to the main page is really beyond me. There is so much unused space. Even a scroll bar like suggested in another thread would be a very welcome addition. As a quality of life change, this should be high up on the development road map. 

    The current views are fine if you are a small company, but if you're using Zendesk in a company with a big variety of customers/languages then this is a very inefficient way of working. 

  • Bruno Wisintainer


    I can see there are plenty of feedback being shared by other members that would be very similar to mine, except that we have 50++ email accounts to support and a ton of Agents.

    There is no way our senior management will let us spend extra budget paying some other apps to help with the view limitation issue in ZD. You can imagine the hardship that has been for our Agents to work with ZD as well as for me to manage it.

    I can see the this community thread started more than one year ago, would like to know how and when will this views be improved?



  • Doug T. Florczyk


    There seems to be plenty of feedback with a whole lot of good ideas with improving the lack of usability when it comes to views.

    At this point are there any updates scheduled to improve this functionality? If not I have to ask why, this seems to be a sticking point of many end-users and should not take multiple years to improve what should have been built in functionality at this point.


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