Community Discussion: How do you use Views?


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    Shannon Anahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all so much for your input on this discussion. With the research done from this prompt, and conversations that have continued, we have a much clearer vision of how our users are utilizing the Views feature. There's nothing yet to share in terms of plans for Views, but please know that it has become an active part of our discussions for future designs of the Support product. I will update this thread again when I have more concrete information about those plans and designs. Please feel free to continue providing input here on this post in the meantime. Having a single space with feedback and updates on Views is a great way to keep the conversation going in a traceable way. 

  • Virginia Goggins

    Many of our uses have already been mentioned, but one that's critical for us and currently missing is the ability to show both assigned and cc'd tickets for an individual.  We are a non-profit that uses Zendesk tickets to manage questions/problems/issues both between our staff and volunteers and between the staff/volunteers and the general public, so many of our uses are fairly unique. However, here are three use cases (there are more but this gives you the idea) that I think may be more universally used  -

    Case 1 - A ticket is assigned to an upper-level staff member who cc's a Subject Matter Expert for information before replying.  The view of tickets for the SME should show both tickets assigned to him/her and tickets that are cc'd to him/her.

    Case 2 - A ticket is received via email from a member of the public.  The staff member retains assignment of the ticket but cc's the volunteers affected.

    Case 3 - A ticket is created by a volunteer that will be assigned to a staff member.  The volunteer cc's the direct supervisor or other local-level volunteer to keep them in the loop.

    In all cases it's beneficial to be able to have one view that allows a person to see both the tickets that they've been assigned and the tickets that they are cc'd on so that they have a good handle on everything that they need to be aware of.  I'd even settle for a separate view of just tickets that a person was cc'd on.  At this point, however, although an agent can go into their profile and dig down to tickets they are cc'd on, this functionality doesn't exist for views and is the most requested item I get from agents.

  • Thomas Elliot

    As an Administrator....

    I use Views to help research and find subsets of requests we've received. However, I only use the View feature because I'm unable to build advanced searches based on Custom Field Values. Often times I'm attempting to find tickets meeting specific criteria submitted by a specific organization. This detailed and specific of a search is not supported through the Zendesk search functionality and isn't really the intended use for Reports. However, what is really challenging is I'm required to create a new view every time I want to make a search. We have well over 250 custom fields so calling this a time-consuming task is an understatement.

    What would be incredibly valuable are filters built into Views to allow me to build one general search, and then filter criteria to each individual situation I'm working on. If available, I know my agents would be using the filters on a daily basis as an integral part of their workflow. It would certainly save me considerable time from rebuilding custom views for every "search" I'm attempting to accomplish. It would be vitally important that this filter is functional with custom fields. 


    As an Agent...

    We've designed our views primarily around Forms. Each individual Form we have active has a specific view created to help the Support Group process those requests. This allows us to customize the view to have grouping and column fields most relevant tot he form that is being processed. 


    View Strategy...

    We create views based on the needs of each Support Group. Some Groups might prefer to have views that are based on ticket priority, other Groups don't use the Ticket Priority features and want views based on Forms. Workflow priorities are defined first, and then we design views structured around those priorities. 


    More than 12 Views...

    As an administrator, I'm unable to assist my different Support Groups very easily. Each Group might have 6-8 Views built to support their workflow, which quickly puts me over the 12 view limit. (We have over 50 views and growing) When I'm attempting to train or demo I have to reconfigure my groups as a User to make sure their views are easily accessible on my page. This is easily doable when it is a planned demo, but much more difficult in the day-to-day issues and questions that arise.

    Some teams also support a large number of Forms, maybe 8 different forms. If they also wanted some bigger picture views of their work queue the team will quickly cross the 12 view threshold and it limits the way we organize their workflow.

    I would recommend putting in a scrollbar to allow the views beyond 12 to persist. 



    We do not currently use any apps specifically for Views, but I may need to look at what is available. We do utilize the Advanced Search App which is sometimes easier than building a view when researching historical tickets. However, I'm often forced to export to Excel for detailed filtering which breaks the links to the individual tickets. This is because the app is limited in functionality by being unable to search the data in custom fields. 


  • Jules Winckelmann

    The only answer you will get is "Leave a feedback to the product suggestion board" our product managers will look into it.

    But to be honest I've never seen something implemented even if it was massively asked by the community, or except something included in a overpriced add-on.

    Whether it's about the lack of basic features for reporting, views, no help from support to build customer reports, I had so much disappointments.

    Loosing faith here, and seriously considering moving to another competitor due to the lack of support.

  • Liam

    So it's now been 3 years since you made this thread, with loads of really extensive reasons which you claim to acknowledge, yet you never actually make any changes. It seems very much like Zendesk only add something if it's going to make them money. 

    For a customer service tool, your customer service stinks.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hi Salvador Vazquez

    Thanks for coming in to the thread and providing an update, I'm glad to hear that it's being worked on again. At the risk of sounding bitter, this isn't the first time there's been something hopeful on the Views front that resulted in letdown. This thread is over three years old, had a bunch of PM engagement and then faded away with no end result. 

    'On our radar' isn't the same thing as 'we expect this backend work to be completed in 2020' or something more concrete. At this point, there's something of a trust deficiency on the topic of Views. I understand if there's no known dates yet if you're still scoping the backend issues, given the nature of software development.

    Instead, can you commit to coming by here in two months and giving us another update on the progress made? This is a huge sore spot for a lot of customers, especially in the Enterprise segment. It makes it hard to grow and scale with Zendesk without needing to invest in expensive add-ons that also have their own scaling issues.  Thanks!

  • Steven

    Jacob, thanks again for thinking with me and the great suggestions. I truly appreciate it.

    Fact is that these are (far from optimal) workarounds for a problem that shouldn't be in the software in the first place – and should have been addressed months ago seeing as a lot of your paying customers are asking for this feature to be updated. The fact that we still don't get an update on this and that it has not been added to the roadmap is shocking to me. When we started using Zendesk we loved it over our previous ticketing system, but more and more minor annoyances are starting to get to us. I'm in the proces of reviewing other solutions (Kustomer is looking very promising) and we will probably make the switch next year.

  • Stephen Belleau

    That Quickie app used to be free. Can't blame the third party for capitalizing on what should be basic core functionality, but it's now even more imperative that Zendesk provides an out-of-box solution for limited views. Marketplace apps should extend the platform, not solve basic needs.

  • Rasmus Kjeldgaard

    It would be nice if the views could have a tree structure like the triaging in fields. Like the example here but with views instead.

  • José Luis Espinoza
    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    Each time a new team from my organization join our Zendesk system. I create a view for them.

    I also use the views to keep track on unassigned tickets, solved tickets per team,etc.

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    With views I can quickly see the different tickets from different teams

    There are agents on my organization that belongs to different teams, hence it's easier to track things with the virtual split of views

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?

    I just analyze the need. If needed things can me sort out with search, views or report. Depends on the usability, frequence and detail information. 

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    I would ask, what is the limitation on having only 12?

    Usage case are:

    1. Unassigned tickets
    2. My unsolved tickets
    3. All Unsolved
    4. All solved

    From there I still need to have:

    1. Tickets from the teams I belong to (average of 5 teams on my organization per agent)
    2. Tickets solved from the teams I belong to
    3. Tickets waiting for info from a supplier (4 different suppliers)

    That is the normal scenario. When you are admin you will need to have more access to more views at the same time, which is a pain to work out right now with the 12 views limit

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    Yes, quicky.


    I also want to put a comment on the limitation on having CC's as a view.

    When you are on an organization of so many peolpe using the system, you need to keep simple.

    I made a PPT and a video on how to check the CC's on each account. It took me around 6 slides to show where is this CC's on your profile. I also know the search cc:me.

    What you need to have in your mind is that not all people working with the system is tech savvy, and on a big organization you find a lot of trouble explaining all these details if things are not intuitive. Even for me, that I am the general admin, and work also with tech support. I barely see my cc's. I just go and check on my tickets on views. it's super easy to skip your cc's when they are not shown easily.

    Just add the Ticket: CC on the views so we can have one easy place to access them.


    /Jose Luis



  • CJ Johnson

    I would love to have an ability to view issues where the requester has more than 1 open ticket. I don't want to set up a view per requester, but literally just see a queue of any requester with more than one issue. Would help tremendously with dupes! 

  • Krystin.Blakemore

    As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    • To assign tickets by OS / Hardware / Dev Items / Project Status / Department

    As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    • To reassign tickets to different departments if needed, to see ticket statuses etc.

    How do you strategize what Views you create?

    • I currently cannot create a view that our company needs. (See below)

    What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    • Our company has varying products, varying OS, so having the ability to create views to sort these is nice.

    • We would like to be able to create views for tickets that agents are CC'd on, sometimes agents don't even see that they have been CC'd on a ticket for days or weeks. Our company has several different departments and sometimes we are CC'd on other department's tickets because our assistance will be needed at some point during the support process.

      Currently, there is not a way to create a view to display tickets we are CC'd on. It is cumbersome to have to navigate away from our Dashboard to go to User Profile, select CC'd tickets from the dropdown and look through them there. Especially when most of our workflow involves navigating through our views on the Dashboard. 

      It is also not ideal to have to bookmark the aforementioned page and add monitoring an additional tab into our workflow. OR having to remind agents to use "CC:me" in a search. While, yes, we do get emails when we are CC'd on tickets, those emails get lost in the mix with rest of the Zendesk emails we get throughout the day and again - the workflow would be improved if the view could be reached from the Dashboard.

      As for the other Zendesk Support suggestion for working around this: "have agents add a tag to the ticket when CC'ing themselves. You could then create a view based on the tag itself." This does not work for our workflow either because often times agents are not CC'ing themselves. They are CC'd by another department.

      Would be great if there was a way that you could create a View using "Ticket Assignee is Agent Name" OR "Ticket Assignee CC'd is Agent Name" 

    Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    • Not at this time.
  • Oneio Cloud Oy

    As a new user / Admin to Zendesk, I also encounter this limitation and find it very frustrating, and very hard to understand why this limitation on the number of Views is so complex and takes so long to incorporate a change. 

    You continue to ask for people to provide input on requirements, yet No Action is visibly taken.

    This should be considered an out of the box functionality, but then you redirect people to use 3rd party add-on tools requiring an additional cost. 

    Why should I continue my Subscription if such basic functionality can not be met?

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Our team is a large and one and distributed across multiple products and languages. We currently have over 90 views. We need to be able to neatly see the queues for each product, as well as subdivided queues for each language.

    We've resorted to using Lovely Views, by Lovestock and Leaf to replace the default Zendesk views functionality. If you're looking for what views should be able to do (be nested, have a scrollable list) this is a great place to start.

    Ideally, users could manually sort and reorder their own views. Sometimes we have an agent that focuses primarily on one product but does secondary work in another. Right now, it may happen that the views for the primary product are ordered below the secondary one. 

    Users also need to be able to search within a given view, with filtering including custom fields available!


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    We use views to track specific scenarios or custom workflows. When a custom workflow is designed, we include tags to track it. Views help us tease out which tickets have had the trigger exercised on it and which haven't.  A popular one right now is to export a view to provide management a window into which tickets were received in a certain intake queue and reassigned out to a specific "specialty group".  

    We also use views to track where in a software cycle a ticket is in. We keep our customers' tickets open until the functionality is released.  We use macros to let a customer know status, and each of these macros adds a certain tag.  We have a set of views to show us which tickets align with which release number.

    We also use views to monitor if a particular group or groups are receiving a high volume of tickets and need assistance.   This is where auto-refresh would come in handy! We in the beta and love it. We can't wait for it to be rolled out.

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    To prioritize my work.  The "next" button is SO HELPFUL!  We wish there was a "Previous ticket" button.

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?

    Each team has their own business process. While we would like to be harmonized, that's just not the case when more than one department is using the same tool.  Generally, we create any view that we need individually and each team decides if they want to have it available for their group(s) and we go ahead and create them since we're way past 12 views already!  

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    There's no one dozen views that incorporates what >100 agents want and need to support their team(s) requirements.  We have tried to genericize a certain number of views but it has not worked well.  Each individual and each team has preferences for which views they want to see on the left side of their Zendesk page.  Many of our agents belong to more than one group.  If they had control over which views they could see in which order, that would be best!  

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    We use "Quickie" which is indeed a decent add-on. Some of our agents have adopted it well, as it offers nesting and searches.  However, most of our agents' feedback is that they want that on the left side of their screen rather than as an extra click and navigating.  They usually only have a handful of views they use regularly and wish to have them available to them easily.

    Since Zendesk's design is that views are open by default, it is hard to keep agents focused on the Quickie app.  


    1. Customized list of views for each agent, drag and drop capability for each of them to control which views appear in what order
    2. Searchable list - searching through the whole list of views from within the views pane to find a view based on title keyword
    3. When doing a search from advanced search, being able to click and create a view from that search! 
    4. The option to include closed tickets from over 4 months ago
    5. Additional fields available such as a preview of the first comment, or number of related incidents to a problem ticket.
    6. Ability to change the number of tickets in a view to 50 or 100 or even "all"
    7. Add a Previous button in addition to the "Next" button!
    8. Ability to auto-email views as needed on a regular frequency to any user. ie. a manager (or customer) asks to have a particular view emailed to them every Monday at 8am.  We know this can be done via Insights but that is a harder customization with more manpower to set up and maintain with the constant change in business needs.
  • Amanda Cramer

    We use views to:

    1. Quick visibility in to high priority tickets. 

    2. Open tickets in my group

    3. My unsolved tickets. 


    A few of us have created our own views to show tickets requested by me. We submit tickets to other agents that require follow up / nagging :)

    All of our agents have requested a view to view the tickets that their cc'd on.

  • Adam Thomas

    We use Views to segment work to be done, to manage workflows within the business, as well as provide management some basic insight into backlogs and current capacity.

    The limit of views to 12 (plus 8 personal) is absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary.  It hinders efficiency (by having to combine views, then sort them), and implies a ceiling to how long we will be able to stay with ZD as our business grows.  It's great now, but as products expand and workflow management becomes more important, this limitation will be the death of this partnership as we will outgrow this solution within 2 years.

    Please fix!  I have seen the requests for this that go back to 2009. 


  • Susan Maher

    Additional comments:

    As I work more with the product I find that

    As Administrator I need to see all views whether they are personal or shared.  Right now I only see shared and my own.

    As an Administrator I need the ability to create a view for a person that is not me.  Specially as we implement this new system. 

    As an Agent I need to have the ability to Clone shared views so I can use the basic concept and narrow the view to satisfy my personal needs without losing the basic criteria. 

    As a team leader I need to see all personal views for the people in my team.  I need to ensure they are seeing what they need and ensure uniformity.  Also to be able to help them


  • Craig Bailey

    Another View Feature Request. We recently discovered the 120 day limit on closed issues in views. Could this be made configurable at a view definition level? We have a couple views where it is vitally important to see entire history for a particular organization. I understand the performance impact, but, on selected views this invaluable information. Yeah, yeah, we have reports with Insights/GoodData, but, they're not as easy to access and interactive enough for routine use. 

  • Terry Waldron


    This post has been on going for some time now with very little progress , this limitation of views is seriously hampering our productivity. I currently have 4 help centers , with multiple forms in each , and a new,inprogress and solved view for each form , it is is impossible for me as an administrator to quickly get a snap shot of what our current state is  , even if you open the More>> button the view options there do not give you the number of tickets with each one. These help centres and form are manned by a small team so they need to have access to each one. We are on the enterprise plan already so I wont be conned into paying for an additional app to fix something that should have been picked up in go live , if you allow multiple help centres to be managed from one instance/interface how in the world did limited views come into this , it makes absolutely no sense.

    Ive signed up for a fixed term and honestly, if this limited view issue isnt addressed I will definetly be looking to move else where.




  • Jay Espinoza

    It's pretty crazy there have been a lot of requests for the ability to View what you are CC'd on.  I saw those dating back to 2014, 5 years ago!!!  

    I want to be able to have a view that sees what I am CC'd on.  Not only do I find this helpful, but there are a few Zendesk apps that do this and there are 5 years worth of requests.  

    I did find out that the cc:me search works, but it's not a simple click of the button.  It's not built so that I can just switch between views quickly.  I have to search any time I want to refresh the page. It will not auto update like a View does.  Most of the tickets I see I am CC'd on. 

  • David Coleman

    I think it would be great to separate (section) views in the UI by the following:






    And, then give us the ability to assign views down to the agent level (personal). This will help agents more easily understand what to expect from each view and will help Administrators deploy/adjust personal views when necessary.

  • Martin Sachs

    As an Admin I use views to understand the current state and also to get a pulse on trends and enhancements I can make.

    One (hopefully simple) enhancement for me would be to see a total ticket count next to the grouping header within a view.  

    I don't work tickets much but reallocate resources and report on trends to various managers.  The ticket count on the view sidebar is helpful but since we have 5 teams and 20+ groups, I have to make individual views to easily get tallies in a granular fashion.  Adding this sub tally would be amazing.


  • Heather Stewart

    We are receiving tickets from up to 10 different email addresses and assigning these tickets to groups based on which email address was emailed, and what the specific value of a Custom User Field was.

    Some of these email address require multiple views - ie.

    View #1: All of the "Unsolved" tickets for email addresses 1 - 4.
    View #2: All of the "Solved" tickets for email addresses 1 - 4 (for "quick search" lookup purposes).
    View #3: Show the agents for Group A all of the tickets (regardless of status) from Email Address 1.
    View #4: Show the agents for Group B all of the tickets (regardless of status) from Email Address 2.
    View #5: Follow-ups (tickets that need to be reviewed for one reason or another)
    View #6: This week's Support tickets (from email addresses 1 - 4) for Group C.
    View #7: This week's Support tickets (from email address 5) for Group D.
    View #8: This week's Support tickets (from email addresses 6 - 10) for Group E.

    We then have a "dump" bucket for any ticket that managed to get into our account without following the proper channels, and that was not assigned to a group - "Tickets with no Group assigned".This would be View #9.

    Then, we are also currently supporting all three of our brands within one account with no multi-brand feature currently.  So, each of these "brands" requires different views:

    View #10: All of the "Open" tickets for email address 11.
    View #11: All of the "Pending" tickets for email address 11.
    View #12: All of the "Solved" tickets for email address 11.

    View #13: All of the "Open" tickets for email address 12.
    View #14: All of the "Pending" tickets for email address 12.
    View #15: All of the "Solved" tickets for email address 12.

    View #16: All of the "Open" tickets for email address 13.
    View #17: All of the "Pending" tickets for email address 13.
    View #18: All of the "Solved" tickets for email address 13.

    Our organization support team is currently very small (5 - 8 members).  Depending on which members of our teams are covering which email addresses (and most of them are covering 2-5 simultaneously), they cannot see all of their views.

    Additionally, if I click on the "More" link in the menu, it just takes me to the Admin side and displays the list of Views.  I can't see or drill down into these views from here (that I'm currently aware of).

    As an Administrator, I constantly have to move myself in and out of groups in order to be able to see the views I need and it is terribly time-consuming, and the potential to me making a mistake increases every time I have to make changes.


    Although we are new to Zendesk, it's nice to see that you're taking the forum comments about this topic seriously.

  • Liina

    We use views for:

    • Separate tickets queues for different agent types
    • To prioritize different ticket types
    • To filter for specific types of tickets from specific device types
    • To view tickets from users in a certain split test
    • To find specific types of tickets that have been solved recently with specific topics (feedback, bugs, etc)

    We'd love to have the option to show more shared views, so that we could have them all easily visible and agents could choose to work in the area with the most tickets, or quickly see if an issue appears in a specific view.

    When creating views, here's some suggestions for making the experience better:

    • After you save a view, it returns to the shared view list, even when making a personal view, and you have to scroll down to find the new view and hover all the way over to the right to open it. I'd suggest after saving a view, display that view.
    • It would make more sense that when scrolling through views, you click on a view to see it, and hover over to edit instead of the opposite.
    • You can always click Edit after you open a view, but there's no link to View within the Edit screen. A View button on the editor interface would be helpful!
    • Within the edit interface under Formatting options, it would be great to have a checklist for Table columns instead of dragging and dropping. We have a ton of columns, so dragging is a pain.
    • I would be helpful to display the rule: View must test for at least one of the following ticket properties in the ALL conditions section: Status, Type, Group, Assignee, Requester.
    • It would be an awesome awesome to make views appear for specific agents besides yourself, rather than specifying a group.
  • Ranjith Claessens | SendCloud
    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?
      We use the views to have an overview of all the ongoing views for the agents and offices abroad

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?
      To priority and regulate tickets in the right way

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?
      Based on category/customer segment 

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?
      See first question. As administrator we want to keep track of all views and make adjustments if needed. Also this way help to stear more operational when some views are to full etc.

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?
      No, and to be honest we are surprised to see Zendesk picking this up so slow. Reading this topic it started in 2009 aleady and so many users having this request it feels a bit of shame that Zendesk with all their resources took over 7 years to make this in a proper feature request!
  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Ranjith, thanks for your feedback. 

    We hear the frustration, but we are doing our best to improve the feedback process. There is new management in the Product Feedback part of the community, and we are making many changes to prevent these things from being years-long requests with no updates going forward. 

    We cannot build everything that customers ask for, and sometimes things that seem like they should be simple or obvious turn out to be very complex or have broad implications. However, we can do a much better job of communicating where those decisions are at and why they're being made, and we're taking strides to do so. 

    Shannon will be weighing in with an update on this topic once she's gotten a few things solidified with her team, the business strategy, and our leadership. Thank you all for your input and patience. We appreciate everything you've shared and will hold up our end of the bargain by being more communicative going forward. 

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    We use Zendesk to do the customer support for other companies. All in one instance, with multibrand. We have support agents, supervisors, but also our backoffice and IT makes use of that same instance. So there are a lot of different roles, groups and brands.

    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    As administrator to keep an eye if all the routing goes well, that tickets are not overlooked or triggers are misconfigured. Some views have a sole purpose for providing evidence for audits, most of the times through CSV  export.

    As supervisor/manager it's used to keep an eye on the current workload, SLA breaches, productivity, etc. A lot of different perspectives (groups/brands, agents, high priority requesters/organizations,etc.).

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    All of our support agents are in Guided Mode. To prevent cherry picking we have only one view/playlist for them. This isn't really good enough, but I've already posted some feedback about that here.

    Other agents (backoffice, IT, etc.) have plenty of views. Most common is the 'your tickets' view of course, but also to see the workload in different groups or coworkers, or from certain clients (organizations).

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?

    Depends on the department using the views, but there's a lot of cloning involved. For almost any perspective a view is created. So to give an example; for each group there's a view with unassigned ticket, for open ticket, for pending tickets, for (recently) solved tickets. Same for some organizations, same for most agents, etc. Then there are also a lot of views for evidence gathering for SOC and ISO related audits.

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    Especially supervisors/managers and administrators need plenty of views, where support agents (should) only need one playlist. The need depends on the agent's role, most of it has been described above. Most common is the desire to view tickets from different perspectives (group, client/organization, status, SLA, audit evidence, etc.).

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    We've got over a 100 views, so we can't go without Lovely Views. Not available on the marketplace, but still in use with many Zendesk instances I guess.

    From the marketplace we use Shredder for automatic processing of the suspended ticket view. And Ticket Exporter to have better export functionlity than the default CSV exports (like including the requester's email address as column).

    Besides that we have some internal apps that help with Views, or relation to Views. Two will be available on the marketplace soon. Skipper (basically a view on skipped tickets) and a Due Date Calendar (basically a view on due date in calendar form).

  • Ryan Cloutier
    • As an administrator/manager what do you use Views for?

    I use it to check on my team. This includes appropriate updates, seeing how many tickets each agent has, seeing various issues they are working on, checking SLA, and due dates.

    • As an agent, what do you use Views for?

    As an agent I usually just view my tickets or use the search to find tickets

    • How do you strategize what Views you create?

    We standardize so everybody has the same view. Therefore, we’ve only created a view for each team

    • What is your use case for having more than 12 views available to one agent at all times?

    We have 9 different teams so after that we are limited to 2 category views

    • Do you use other tools and/or apps from the Zendesk Marketplace to help you with Views? If yes, what?

    No, however if there was a way to filter when in the view this would help tremendously


  • Nigel Farmer

    What would be great is if Admins could share personal views created by other users. Here is the scenario

    * We have a central admin responsible for setting up Zendesk, the workflow, intergration with our apps etc.

    * We have regional teams/groups responsible for managing tickets in their region, each with a support manager to manage the process and effectiveness of the provided support.

    * We want the regional team managers to be able to create views for their teams/groups, but we dont want to have to make them administrators as they then 1) see tickets for all the other regions/group 2) potentially break other setup/configuration.

    So the flow would be 

    1) Regional agents and/or team leaders create personal views

    2) They request that are shared to the team/group

    3) Admin shares the view with thegroup


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