Metric for first reply time, only for tickets with a certain tag



  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Paul! Ticket tags are unique, because one ticket may have any number of tags at the same time. To make reporting possible, tag data is stored in a separate dataset. It will only work if your metric is correctly connected to tag data.

    The default # Tickets metric is connected to tags, but the First reply time in minutes fact is not. That's why your metric isn't doing anything right now.

    You'll need to create tag filtering metrics based on the # Tickets metric, then use those metrics to filter your report. You can't combine steps in tag reporting.

    Once you have the tag filtering metric, you can use it to filter your whole report with a numeric range filter under FILTER, or you can filter a single metric by nesting it. We have examples of both layouts in this article: Reporting on ticket tags.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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