How do you handle users searching Knowledge Base with gibberish?


  • Jessica Hopcraft

    I think the issue is either users who a) think that typing some gibberish means they'll be bypassed to a contact pop-up, or b) customers who enter things such as 'my order number XXX hasn't been delivered yet where is it' or 'do you have this very specific garment in your London store in my size'.


    It would be great if Zendesk could pull relevant terms from these strings but from my understanding it can only make full matches at the moment- rather than partial matches.


    I also have issues with genuine spam searches and would love to omit these from reporting, especially when trying to drive self service and have some valuable metrics on this. 

  • Jessica Hopcraft

    +1 for having the same issue. I am considering changing the text in the question box to something that reflects it's more of a search box than a specific question. Something similar to 'enter your query type here to search'.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Blake!

    For the specific words you cite in your post, those match spam posts we'll get from time to time. I honestly wouldn't worry about those; they're most likely not legitimate searches.

    Can you give examples of some of the other valid search terms that aren't bringing back results? @Jessica, if you'd like to do the same, that would be great. Having more context will help me figure out the best way to advise you on this. :)

  • Blake Freeman

    Agreed with Jessica up there. I'm assuming people are just trying to get to a support agent and trying to bypass the Knowledge Base with the gibberish text. I think she explained my situation well and I agree with the above.


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