• Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Marylou,

    Thanks for raising this request! I can see how filtering out short abandoned calls would be beneficial. Do you get a lot of customers incorrectly calling your support line, or just not pressing to get to the right IVR? Also curious of what amount of seconds you'd set the cut off limit to be?

    In terms of Callbacks; I just tested on my own account and the callback request didn't increment my abandoned calls rate. Could you please explain a little bit more about what you're seeing in Talk right now?

    Thanks, Caroline

  • Marylou Scott-Smith

    Hi Caroline, 

    I wasn't sure if callbacks or voicemails showed as abandons so I am glad to hear they do not.  We get a fairly significant number of drops up to the first 15 seconds of a call - either a customer realizes they have called the wrong number, or they find the answer they were looking for, or figure out the solution to their issue themselves.  If a call drops within a few seconds of reaching us, we consider it to be a call we never really had an opportunity to answer, so we do like to exclude from our abandon rate.  Typically calls are excluded at either the five, 10 or 15 second thresholds.  We currently use 15 seconds but it would be great to have the option of adjusting that threshold.  Right now it's a fair bit of work to calculate our abandon rate every day with the removal of some calls since the reporting isn't structured to make that calculation.


  • Frank Devoe

    Hi Caroline,

    I would very much like to see this feature as well. I could speculate about why our clients abandon their call in the first 10 to 15 seconds but don't think that its necessary.  The fact is that they do and as Marylou mentioned we never had the opportunity to serve them.  Looking forward.


  • Jacob Hall

    I would like this feature too. 10 seconds is a good cutoff. 

    Everyone, don't forget to vote the original post "up" to get Zendesk's attention.

  • Eric Pedersen

    Did this ever happen?

    It sounds like ZD currently has no filter for short abandons and the number I'm seeing in GoodData is 100% of my abandons? That is good news to be sure, but I'd love the ability to get rid of the 3-5 second hang ups from that number. 

  • Cyn Armistead

    This feature would be so helpful! We're getting a lot of hangups that drive up our abandoned call numbers, and we're pretty sure they're wrong number calls.

  • eCampus.com

    Has there been any progress on this matter?  Having a way to measure short abandons (at varying intervals like 5 sec, 10 sec., etc.) would be invaluable. Having this criteria in reporting lends credibility when communicating statistical information to other internal stakeholders.


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