How do i turn on chat


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    Hello @XIXMO JEANS

    Did you try this option on your Zendesk chat dashboard - 


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  • Diziana

    Hello @XIXMO JEANS

    Step 1: First of all you need to check which Zendesk package you have and did you buy chat subscription as well?
    If you are not sure, please click on this link and compare with your account.

    * If you want to check the subscription in your account: Go to Zendesk settings -> Account -> Subscription

    Step 2: Turn on the user for chat. For this please go to Zendesk Setting -> People -> Agent, look for the account which you want to use for chat and click on it and enable it by dragging the button towards right and it will turn into green.

    Step 3: Look for this icon (4 mini squares) at the top right corner of your Zendesk support account and then click on this.

    You will not see this icon:

    Click on above mentioned icon and your chat dashboard will appear and now you can chat with your customer. If you face any problem, let us know.

    Cheers !!!


    Team Diziana

    Atul Verma


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