Discussion: should we stop considering tickets as solved?


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Martin!

    This is a really interesting discussion...I'm going to add it to our August Community Roundup!

  • Tricia Johns

    Just wanted to note that the linked article here was a great read! Thank you for sharing. 

  • Jerry Goure

    I completely agree. We also like to use those phrases to solicit more feedback or make sure our customers understand and are satisfied with our response.

    We kept the same workflow for setting tickets to pending or solved but changed the messaging the customer receives. Essentially, in addition to using those phrases in your post, we no longer ever tell a customer that their "ticket is resolved". Instead we let them tell us it's resolved by simply not replying. Our ticket-solved notification looks very similar to our open/pending notification.

    I like this because we can still use pending to bother customers a little more insistently about responding.

    Tickets still move from solved to closed after 4 days, and if a customer replies to a solved ticket it behaves exactly as if the ticket had been open or pending.

    We do still send a CSAT request (to our paid customer tier) after a ticket is solved for 1 day. We could be getting a few bad CSATs from customers who would have replied a day or two later. But our agents don't set tickets to solved unless they sincerely believe they are resolved, anyway, so that's a fair compromise for me.

    PS—It's also worth mentioning that I deliberately made these messages sound "robotic" to help them clearly contrast with our actual agent responses, which are usually quite warm, friendly, and conversational. This has actually helped reduce claims of us being bots. I think it is because the text is no longer perceived as an automation trying to pretend to be human, and also the human part of the response seems even more natural in comparison.


  • Abbey Neumann

    We have triggers set up so that any update to a case by someone other than the assignee will set the case status to open for the assignee to then review and handle accordingly, even if the case was solved. That way, you can let your cases be set to solved status instead of sitting in pending, and if the customer DOES have input they want to share, it will reopen the case and still be seen.

    I would try to get an idea of how long it usually takes people to answer, and make sure that your cases don't move to closed status before they can answer. This can be done in an automation (define the amount of time, with no update to the case, before a case moves from solved --> closed status).

    If the case closes before they answer, their response will create a new, follow-up case.


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