zE.activate() not working after minimizing the widget


  • Manoj Singh

    Any update on this please. I'm also facing the same issue.

  • Hi,

    We sent mail to support about this, we are also experiencing this bug, this happen when creating customized Zendesk Widget Button and using onclick="zE.activate();".

    I guess the logic that returns the elements breaks duo to lack of embedded button id hierarchy (probably).

    minimize / maximize works well when rolling back to Zendesk orginal embedded button.

  • Antonio Canabrava

    Same issue here :(

  • ashwin Indore

    Thanks Yaniv for sharing this information. I tried the solution but it is not working for me. When I apply this solution and click on chat link, the widget blinks once and then disappears totally.

    Please keep posting if you get any other update from Zendesk. Thanks in advance!

  • Tri Ardini

    Hi all.

    I face the same problem with you, and when I use yaniv solution, I got same result like ashwin, widget blink once and then disappears, and it make my website looks bad

    my home page before I click web widget custom button


    and, my home page after I click web widget custom button


    are you guys face the same problem with me?





  • Shin

    Try using the below. It works for me. Am able to open the chat window again upon clicking the button. 

    <a href="javascript:zE.show();zE.activate();">Chat with Us</a>
  • Tri Ardini

    Hi @Shin

    I've tried your solution, but the result is still the same as my post above

  • admin123

    just add this function onclick event

    Ex: <a href="#" onclick="chatOnClick();">Chat</a>

    function chatOnClick(){

  • Hi,
    I just want to share with you a different Web Widget customization implementation that i've created few months ago using $zopim.livechat only without zE.Web Widget settings.

    Here you can see it live with animation: https://www.lupa.co.il/

    little info:

    1) first $zopim.livechat.hideAll();

    2) Detecting if Chat is 'Online' or 'Offline and show structure according status_callback(status)


    close: [label: chat with us]


    open: [link1 - close], [link2 - youtube tutorials], [linke3 - help center], [link4 -  open Chat]


    closed: [label: need help?]

    open: [link1 - close], [link2 - youtube tutorials], [linke4 - contact form], [link4 -  link to help center]


    3) Detecting unread messages

    i've created a special notification bubble element that fill up according $zopim.livechat.setOnUnreadMsgs callback so users won't miss messages


    Tell me what you think...



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