Ability to Forward tickets to an external email address


  • Tim

    I agree this is critical functionality. I'd like to see it work similarly to how Freshdesk does it.

    Please also see the many comments and suggestions in this thread.

  • Angela McMorrow

    I'd love to see this functionality too. It'd save a lot of time for agents to be able to follow up on tickets with other departments.


    A lot of other comments regarding this issue here:


  • Robert Koch

    this is basic functionality that is missing from Zendesk. Not a huge deal, but this is so basic and is in literally every other Support platform. 

  • Anton Mintsev

    You can use Collaboration add-on that does even more than just forwarding. 

    Also, you may like Forwarder app from Zendesk Marketplace 

    And you always can use Extensions to throw e-mails to any external e-mails that you should pre-define. 

  • Darren Taylor

    +1 to this.

    We would also like this feature. I can see your competitor Freshdesk has this functionality.

  • Oliver Jackson

    A thousand times yes.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Any additional details you can share about your use-case, Oliver? 

  • Oliver Jackson

    Hey Nicole,

    I just feel (like other users) that this should be a native feature to Zendesk; as much as I/we appreciate that Zendesk is not an email client, any company will frequently encounter the need to forward the contents of tickets easily from its ticketing system, whether to an internal or external email address.

    In our case, we liaise with third parties on behalf of our customers, and we require the functionality to seamlessly forward email confirmations we receive from these third parties onto our customers, so that they have them for their reference (we're looking at several hundreds p/w).

    The vote count on this particular thread is misleading in my opinion, as there are other threads/comments where the issue is voted up and raised in separate areas of the community by other users who are having similar issues as mine. It is telling how in the thread below, only 13 out of 42 people found the contents helpful:


    I think there is an expectation that this functionality should be made available with the same degree of simplicity as a adding an email address to the CC field.

    Hope this all helps.




  • Alexis Unzeitig

    Yes on this and agree with others - this seems to be basic functionality.  We're an online retailer and constantly get emails that need to be fwded on to other departments(marketing, social collaborations, HR, wholesale inquiries, buying/product manufacturers etc.) and are currently copying the content and pasting it into email and sending to the appropriate internal party.

    This has a huge margin for error and does not allow us to track/oversee properly.  

  • Lisa Marie Boddé

    Hi all,

    I also fully agree, me and my team were very disappointed that this isn't a normal option. Still finding myself testing tickets and trying triggers.. And I was even more disappionted that there is an option (add on) but costs a lot of money per month/per year. As a customer service team you just cannot avoide e-mails that need to be forwarded, mostly because it's the regular mail address to contact the company. Come to think that a competitor has the option. There is so much potential in zendesk and this basic function is missing. 

    I really hope this changes..

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Oliver, Alexis, and Lisa. I've passed your comments along to the current product manager for email, and will let you know what I hear back. 


    Forwarding a ticket via email is absolutely necessary for our customer service.  Just demoing your software now.

    Will this be added anytime soon?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    HI Maria -

    I do not expect it will be added any time soon, however I am checking with the product manager to see whether it's under consideration for future development.

  • William Chase Myer

    @Nicole - Community Manager  I think this accurately describes the use case for many users

     The only workaround I have been able to find for this is quite tedious and revolves around triggers sending an email notification via "notify target" extension.The issue here for larger organizations is either,

    1. Pay for the app ($5.99 per agent, per month) 

    2. Add more seats to your current Zendesk Plan (more expensive than app)

    3. Build triggers for each external email address you want to send that ticket/update to. See guide here: Option 1


    To put this into perspective, we have 82 agents and roughly 250 store locations. If we do the math for the subscription it comes to $410 per month and $4,920 per year. 

    To send store complaints/compliments to the appropriate personnel, which is about 5 people per store (assuming their roles remain constant). Each trigger can only automate 1 email notification to a specific external email. 


    5 recipients per store at 1 trigger per recipient x 250 store locations = 1,250 triggers 

    That is the best case scenario assuming associates do not change roles or exit the business. Now you have to account for the maintenance required to uphold this Fort Knox trigger setup.

    Please consider this functionality, many thanks

  • Anton Mintsev

    @William Chase Myer please contact us at support@ontecapps.com if the app's price is the only issue. I can help you with this.


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