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  • Tara Dixon

    Is there anyway to prevent users from logging in to the second brand or discovering it at all? 

  • Stassa Miller

    @Jessie Shutz

    We also need for all end-users(client's) not to be able to access all help centers.

    1. We would like for only the end-users in their specific domain ie: TEST.COM to view a specific help center.

       1a. Then we would want for end-users of that domain to only view certain brands within their help centers as              needed.

       Example:  Test.com is our client.  TEST.COM has 5 brands: Test1, Test2, etc.  There are 10 end-users in TEST.COM and 2 support only 2 of the 5 brands, 6 support 1 brand each and the last 2 support all 5 brands.

    I hear we can set up views for the above scenario, I also saw where we can set up user segments for signed-in users to stop someone randomly wandering onto other clients branded Help Center, (please tell me user segments can be performed in a canned bulk update?)

    We have Hundreds of end-users across multiple domains that do not need to see other clients' branded help center information for privacy and security reasons.    (I also turned off the branding email notification)  

    We already use triggers for organizations, now that some organizations are requesting breakout by brand, do I need to set up additional triggers for brands?  How do I overlay the brand trigger with the existing ORG trigger? Or does the new brand trigger override the existing org trigger?

  • Trapta Singh
    Community Moderator

    Hi @Tara Dixon,

    In response to your first question: Yes, the end user can log into your second brand.

    In response to your second question: Yes you can set up approval for this brand. Please take a look at this post for better understanding.



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Tara!

    Can you tell us a little more about your use case? Understanding why you want to prevent users from finding this second brand will help us narrow down what options are available for you. :)

  • @Jessie - I too would like to prevent certain end-users from logging into one of my brands.  Here is my use case:

    My organization is a tax collector's office in Florida. We process all motor vehicle, boat, mobile home, driver license, identification card, property tax, hunting and fishing, and concealed weapon licenses transactions (just to name a few).

    We currently have 1 brand, which is used exclusively in-house for our processing associates and managers.  Our "end-users" are the counter staff associates that are serving the public, and our "agents" are the managers at each respective office.  We've developed a series of ticket forms, triggers, views, etc. to facilitate tickets going to the right management team based on the ticket form selected (ticket forms are the office name/location). 

    Our Help Center for this brand contains procedural manuals, transactional forms, statutes, etc., which assist our counter staff in performing their daily duties.


    Now, we are embarking on a new project and integrating our customer contact center (call center) into Zendesk Talk.  We are also going to be developing a 2nd brand, which we want to be customer facing via our website; it will contain FAQs regarding all the different transactions we process.   (Our existing FAQ database has over 500 FAQs, which can be found on www.taxcollector.com.)

    For our new brand, the "end-users" will be the citizens of our county and/or any visitors to our area and the "agents" will be our contact center employees.  I would not want these end-users to have access to our "brand 1" Help Center that is utilized internally; I would only want these end-users to have access to the new brand's Help Center.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi David! Thanks for the detailed use case! That helps a lot.

    First off, you can set things up so that the list of your brands doesn't get sent out to your customers so, theoretically, unless they know the domain/subdomain they'll never know that it's there. There's lot of other great information in that document about getting your brands set up as well.

    Then you'll want to make sure that you've made the appropriate adjustments to your email template to remove any tell-tale branding, as well as set your triggers up for branding.

    From there, my next recommendation would be to set up your internal brand Help Center so that the content is all restricted to logged in users. You can restrict content by User Segment, or by User Tag; it's up to you which you think will work best. This way, even if someone randomly wanders onto your Help Center, there won't be anything for them to see. You could even add some verbiage directing users to the correct Help Center.

    You can also add some custom code to your Help Center that will hide the Sign In link from the Help Center. This might end up being a little bit tricky because it would be hidden for all non-authenticated users, whether they're employees or not. So you might need to make sure that your employees have a direct link to the log in URL. You might also be able to get around this by setting up SSO for your employees, although I'm not 100% sure about that.

    I hope that you find these suggestions helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Stassa Miller,

    It looks like we are having a bit of trouble finding an answer for you in the community. I'm going to go ahead and include this in our Community Round-Up so we can get more visibility on it. For now, here is an article that should help if you want to go ahead and tackle this issue on your own.

    Setting up multiple brands

    Best regards.


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