zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions does not work load web widget settings.


  • Sheena Carswell
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    I've been tackling the same issue, and as far as I can tell the problem isn't related to whether the page has loaded or not. You can get some insight into what the widget is doing by examining network calls to embeddable_search.json.

    There seem to be three possibilities:

    1. The widget initializes slowly and it doesn't get the zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions call at all.
    2. The widget gets the zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions call, but is still in the middle of initializing, and also calls the equivalent of setHelpCenterSuggestions(url:true) afterwards, so suggestions for the url are shown instead.
    3. The widget initializes fast, gets the zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions call, and sends the search terms correctly.

    To fix the first two scenarios, a hack to send an additional call to zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions three seconds after initialization seems to resolve the issue.

    I would really love to hear if there's a better solution for this.


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