Parent company reporting - Companies under one company (Not on Insight)


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Keith!

    This is a really interesting question. I'm going to move it over to our Insights Q&A topic for you, and then I'm going to try and find one the Insights experts among our Community Moderators to see if they can help you out!

  • Dan Cooper

    Some ideas: 

    • Since you mentioned not Insights, you can create a view that captures each of the teams.  I’d recommend grouping those company users into Organizations.  Views will only work for 120 days based a close date, but could work for a monthly recap on volumes. 
    • You could also use a field to help out here.  Setting a drop down on each ticket with the business can help you group tickets.


    Without insights, I think Views are your best bet for a simple report, but you’ll be limited and will need to curate tickets to show up.  Organizations will help this out by automatically grouping tickets by their submitter.  You may be able to use the API as well to pull tickets out.  

    If you can provide more details it would be helpful.  How are you reporting today?  What plan are you on? How do you know today what ticket belongs to what company? 

  • Keith

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for this. Currently, we do have organisations and tickets grouped by the org domain. There is groups, but the report is only centred round the group 'Support' so the view is shown with the 'Support' group condition.

    Currently, the report uses the view option, and shows all tickets under 'Support'. We will soon require to create reports for each organisation, which might include a parent company and its child companies.

    I have attached a screenshot:

    for your info

  • Dan Cooper

    I think you are off to a good start.  You could put your organizations into the ANY section and remove your status conditions.  As long as you leave the group condition on there, you don't have to have the status condition in your view.  Unless. You actually do want to exclude On Hold (if you are using it).  Then you can use Status is less than On Hold, and Status is greater than On Hold in the All section. 


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