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  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Paul - 

    Zendesk has committed to enabling our customers to be GDPR compliant before the 2018 deadline. You can read about that here: 

    EU Data Protection

    I don't believe they've announced specific product functionality improvements/changes relevant to that yet, though the legal team indicated that those specifics would be announced in Q1. That site will be your best resource for all GDPR-related information. 

  • Paul

    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for the link, it was very informative. It seems the preparation is well on its way on your side. That's good to see.


  • Caroline Kello

    Hi Paul,

    Just to add some Talk specific context here; it's already possible to enable/disable call recording per phone number. Specifically for GDPR we're in the process of rolling out the ability to delete recordings from tickets, expect to see this called out in our release notes in the next week or so. 

    Thanks, Caroline

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Paul! The delete recordings functionality that Caroline mentioned in her comment is live as of today. 

  • Matthieu Chaigneau


    I can't find today the option to enable/disable recordings, especially during the phone call. It is for us legally necessary, that the customer has the possibility to refuse being recorded.
    Without this option, we cannot record the calls, which is for quality control a big problem.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Matthieu - 

    Documentation on the enabling/disabling per phone number can be found here: 

    Managing recording options in Zendesk Talk 

    Currently, this is not something that can be done mid-call or selected by the caller before the call begins. Here's what the Product Manager answered on the thread "Give the option to not record a phone call if the caller presses a certain number/button" where users have a similar request: 

    "Being able to pause and resume recordings of calls or allow decisions from IVR around calls being recorded is something that we see as a high priority for us to deliver to you for various reasons. The specific needs in some markets is something I have heard before as well as being able to pause recording in the case of some sensitive information being passed. I don't have a timeline for it right now, but we'll have a better idea around the timeline for this in early Q2." 



  • Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Also related to Neil's post here:

    But I think my comment belongs to this thread, as it's not IVR related.

    For us it's also important that an agent can stop an active recording, especially with GDPR in mind. 

    On the other hand we would like to start a recording even when the number isn't recording calls by default. The use case here is that the calls on certain numbers shouldn't be recorded, until a sale is being made. Then we want to record the part where the caller confirms to the agreement (and recording of it), so we're having evidence.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the details, Sebastiaan. 

  • Styles Beagley

    We need the ability to pause as well for when people give their credit cards. We often recently phone companies who pause the recording when they are getting our credit card details. Leaving these details on the system means any zendesk user can grab their card number and details and steal them. This really leaves us open for trouble!!

  • Stephen Willis

    Hi all, 

    I am desperately in need of this functionality too, both from an IVR perspective and against a live call. 

    IVR: I manage a German customer service team and it is German law that you MUST give customers the option to have their call recorded or not recorded.

    Pausing Live call recordings: The same as mentioned above by 'Styles2'. We take customers card details over the phone so it is essential that we have the ability to pause a live call recording in real time. 

    Are you able to advise if either of these functions are currently available or when they will be? This is a major issue and very basic functionality which I would have expected to be already live is such an established product. 

    Many thanks 




  • Arno Lindroos

    This would be very useful feature, almost a must requirement. It would be nice to see also options disable the recording in case of transfer off the call to outside of Zendesk numbers, and for overflow number as well. 

  • Neil Weldon


    At this time the recording state of the call will be determined by the configuration of recording against the number. This is true in the case of transfer of calls and overflow. However the forwarding of calls to an external number in IVR is not recorded. We understand the request to have more granular controls around this going forward but today, if there are aspects of the call that you do not wish to have recorded at all then the option is to turn recording off for that number.

    Neil Weldon | Director of Product


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