Split tickets


  • Amanda Q

    Hi, I agree that this would be a useful feature and have also observed the above happening. I also find that sometimes a user will email an existing ticket with a request relating to a different (but similar) request. 

  • Grace Grant

    Ditto, It's time-consuming to have to "add" a ticket to address a different issue.

  • Dan Mørkbak Sørensen

    almost 4 years ago i discussed this completely obvious and simple feature was missing with a support rep. Already at that time there were a 9 year old feature request to add it....


    The word pathetic is comming to mind, back then i was recommended a 3rd party app (split n close) that we have tried using for a couple of years, but it was always very cluncky, so only used in very specific scenarios. Lo'and'behold now it requires subscription to use most features... Somehow im not surprised and im straight back to pathetic. Its  SO obvious a feature, especially when the ticket processing of Zendesk is quite keen on placing new mails into older tickets.


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