SLA by Severity please? (not Priority)


  • Stephen Belleau

    David - you absolutely can have a customer-facing Severity field like Zendesk uses.

    There are two options: 

    1. If your custom Severity dropdown field has four values, you can just use a trigger to always update Priority to match. Sev 1 = Urgent, Sev 2 = High, etc.

    2. If you want more than four Severity values, you can effectively ignore/work around Priority & targets by creating different SLA Policies for each Severity dropdown value. You could even combine the different Severity SLA Policies with Priority for even finer control over SLAs (e.g. Sev 1 Urgent is handled even more urgently than Sev 1 Low). But that might be overkill.

    Does that help? Let me know if you need any clarification.

  • David

    Thanks for the help Stephen - using the Severity custom field as a condition to set up a separate SLA Policy for each of the Custom Severity levels was the piece I was missing. That should be enough to do what we need (unless I run into anything else that can't be triggered out of a custom field)

    I still think Zendesk should consider adding a standard field for Severity given it is such a key concept in most SLAs (with full and somewhat ironic acknowledgement that this makes me one of those end users that we support folk all enjoy dealing with who say things along the lines of 'well I think it should work this way').


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